Bull: Harpsichord Music

Doctor Bull's good Night
John Bull: Pièces pour clavier
Pierre Hantaï
Astrée (Auvidis) E 8543
Astrée "trésors" 128543
Naïve Astrée 8838


  1. In Nomine (MB No. 12)
  2. Pavan in the second tone
  3. Galliard (MB No. 78)
  4. The King's hunt
  5. Germain's alman
  6. English toy
  7. Why aske you
  8. Fantasia (MB No. 10)
  9. Melancoly galliard
  10. In Nomine (MB No. 9)
  11. Dutch dance
  12. Pavan fantastic
  13. Gaillard to the pavan
  14. In Nomine (MB No. 4)
  15. In Nomine (MB No. 5)
  16. Fantasia (MB No. 15)
  17. Doctor Bull's goodnight
  18. Lord Lumley's gaillard
  19. Salvator mundi (MB No. 2)
  20. Irish toy
  21. Chromatic pavan
  22. Chromatic gaillard
  23. The Duke of Brunswick's Alman

Playing time: 74'

Recording date: June 1994

Instrument: Italian harpsichord "F. A. 1677" - Kenneth Gilbert's collection

[15] Naïve (Auvidis) "Special" AS 1 29002 [CD] Shakespeare et la Musique Anglaise - Shakespeare and English Music

Together with Byrd and Gibbons, John Bull (c.1563-1628) was one of the leading English keyboard composers of the era. Many of his compositions are among the most complex examples in the form, combining virtuoso passage-work with intricate counterpoint. Other compositions are more light-spirited.

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