A Medieval Banquet

A Medieval Banquet
(aka: Medieval Songs & Dances)
St. George's Canzona - John Sothcott, dir.
Past Times PT 1828 [CD]
ASV "Quicksilva" QS 6131 [CD]
ASV PT 1828 [CD]
Resonnance RSN 351 [CD]


    Anon., 14th c.:
  1. Saltarello (I)

  2. Anon., Central European (Bohemian), 15th c.:
  3. Rondellus: Flos florum / Ach du getruys blut

  4. Neithardt von Reuenthal:
  5. Der May / Winder wie ist nu dein kraft?

  6. Guillaume de Machaut:
  7. Virelai: Douce dame jolie

  8. Anon., Central European:
  9. Lidové Tance

  10. Anon., England, 14th c.:
  11. Bryd one brere
  12. Rota: Sumer is icumen

  13. Anon., trad.:
  14. Dance tune

  15. Anon., Eastern European, 15th c.?:
  16. Cantio: Anni novi novitas

  17. Anon., Italy, 14th c.:
  18. Saltarello (II)

  19. Anon., England, 15th c.:
  20. St. Thomas honour we

  21. Anon., Italy, 14th c.:
  22. Istampita: Ghaeta

  23. Anon., France, 13th c.:
  24. Danse Royale (I)

  25. Anon., Jistebnický Kancionál:
  26. Jezís, nás spasitel

  27. Francesco Landini:
  28. Ballata: Questa fanciula

  29. Anon., France, 13th c.:
  30. La sexte estampie real

  31. Guillaume de Machaut:
  32. Virelai: Se je souspir

  33. Anon., England, 13th c.:
  34. Angelus ad Virginem: Gabriele fram evene King sent

  35. Francesco Landini:
  36. Ballata: Gram piant' agli occhi

  37. Anon., France, 13th c.:
  38. Danse Royale (II)

  39. Anon., Trouvère song, 13th c.:
  40. A la fontenella

  41. Anon., trad.:
  42. Robin Hood and the tanner

  43. Anon., Trad., Eastern European:
  44. Folk song
  45. Recruiting song & czárdás: Janoshka

  46. Anon., Trad. Balkan (Croatian):
  47. Drmes

  48. Anon., Llibre Vermell de Montserrat:
  49. Virelai/danse: Polorum regina

Playing time: 74' 46"

St. George's Canzona
Rosemary Harrison (soprano, percussion), Derek Harrison (counter-tenor, bass rebec, vielle, organetta), Ray Attfield (baritone, percussion, psaltery), Frank Grubb (baritone, bass viol, fiddle, psaltery, chimes), John Grubb (citole, gittern, harp, psaltery), Michael Oxenham (recorder, crumhorn, rauschpfeife, gemshorn), John Sothcott (vielle, recorder, crumhorn, rauschpfeife, citole, psaltery, dulcimer)
John Sothcott, dir.

Recording site and date:
[1]-[5], [8]-[10], [14], [23]-[25]: Unknown [1977]
[6]-[7], [11]-[13], [15]-[20], [26]: Unknown [1978]
[21]-[22]: Unknown [1976]
rel.: 1994 (Past Times, ASV), 2006 (Resonnance)

[1]-[5], [8]-[10], [14], [23]-[25] Enigma VAR 1046 A Tapestry of Music for King Wenceslas and His Page
[6]-[7], [11]-[13], [15]-[20], [26] Enigma K 53 571 A Tapestry of Music for the Black Prince and His Knights
[21]-[22] Enigma VAR 1020 A Tapestry of Music for Robin Hood and his King

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Information from CD (Quicksilva) and from Heinrich Heine Universität, Dusselldorf, website: "Deutsche Dichtung des Mittelalters" (PT 1828).

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