A Tapestry of Music for Robin Hood and his King

A Tapestry of Music for Robin Hood and his King
St. George's Canzona - John Sothcott, dir.
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    Trouvère song and music of the Jongleurs

  1. Ouvert: In the market place
      Anon., 13th c.
    1. The english estampie
      Adam de la Halle:
    2. The play of Robin and Marion (excerpts)
  2. Richard's departure for the Crusade
      John Sothcott, derived from a Trouvère melody
    1. Fanfare
  3. His imprisonment
      Richard I
    1. Ja nuns hons pris
      Anon, italian, 14th c.:
    2. Tristan's lament
  4. Interlude
      Anon., french, Trouvère
    1. Two-voiced estampieJa nuns hons pris
    2. A la fontanella
  5. Clos: Ransomed and restored
      Blondel de Nesle
    1. Quant je plus

    2. Anon., english
    3. Redit aetas aurea
  6. ----
  7. Sir Robin at court
      Trad., 17th c.
    1. The maid in the moon

    2. William Cornyshe
    3. Ah, Robin! (round)

    4. Trad., publ. by Playford
    5. Sally's fancy / The maiden's blush

    6. Trad., 16th c.
    7. Bonny, sweet Robin

    8. Ravenscroft
    9. Now Robin, lend to my thy bow (round)
  8. My Robin to the greenwood gone
    1. Robin Hood and the tanner

    2. Trad., publ. by Playford
    3. The parson's farewell / Goddesses

    4. Morris dance
    5. The nutting girl

    6. Trad., 17th c.
    7. Singo

    8. Morris dance
    9. Shepherd's hey

    10. Anon., 17th c., arr. of: Bonny, sweet Robin
    11. My Robin

    12. Trad., publ. by Playford
    13. Shepherd's hey

Playing time: ??' ??"

St. George's Canzona
Ray Atfield (counter-tenor, percussion), Derek Harrison (counter-tenor, tenor rebec), Rosemary Harrison (voice), Mike Gregory (nakers, percussion), Frank Grubb (chimes, bass viol, baritone voice), John Grubb (citole, gittern, bandora, cittern, lute), John Lawes (recorder, crumhorn), Michael Oxenham (recorder, crumhorn, rauschpfeiffe, pipe), John Sothcott (vielle, citole, recorder, crumhorn, rauschpfeife), Leila Ward (shawm, crumhorn, recorder)
John Sothcott, dir.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1976 or prior];
Rel.: 1976

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[12], [15] ASV "Quicksilva" CD QS 6130 [CD] Music for Roundheads & Cavalierrs

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 54/645-1312 (february 1977)
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):

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