Four Temperaments

Four Temperaments
Byrd / Ferrabosco / Parsons / Tallis
Phantasm - Laurence Dreyfus
Avie 2054


  1. Tallis: A Solfing song
  2. Byrd: Queen's Goodnight (Prelude and Ground)
  3. Parsons: A song of Mr Roberts Parsons
  4. Tallis: In nomine II a4
  5. Parsons: In nomine III a5
  6. Parsons: De la court
  7. Ferrabosco: Pavan a5
  8. Byrd: Missa a4 - Kyrie
  9. Ferrabosco: In nomine II a5
  10. Byrd: Missa a4 - Gloria
  11. Tallis: In nomine I a4
  12. Byrd: Missa a4 - Credo
  13. Ferrabosco: In nomine I a5
  14. Byrd: Missa a4 - Sanctus
  15. Ferrabosco: In nomine III a5
  16. Byrd: Missa a4 - Agnus dei
  17. Parsons: Ut re mi fa sol la
  18. Ferrabosco: Fantasia a4
  19. Byrd: Pavan a6
  20. Byrd: Galliard a6
  21. Parsons: A Song called Trumpets
  22. Ferrabosco: Sur la Rousée (Fantasia a6)

Performers: Laurence Dreyfus (treble viol), Wendy Gillespie (treble & tenor viols), Jonathan Manson (tenor viol), Markku Luolajan-Mikkola (bass viol), Asako Morikawa (tenor & bass viols), Emilia Benjamin (bass viol)

Playing time: 72'

Recording date: August 2004 (Norfolk)

This is the most substantial selection yet recorded for Robert Parsons (c.1530-1571). The inclusion of Byrd's 4-part mass arranged for viols is also unusual. The Ferrabosco appearing here is the older Alfonso Ferrabosco I (1543-1588).

A recording devoted to both Ferraboscos:

Ferrabosco I & II: Consort Music
Rose Consort of Viols
CPO 999 859

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