Frescobaldi: Il Primo Libro delle Canzoni

Frescobaldi: Il Primo Libro delle Canzoni
Il Viaggio Musicale
Bongiovanni 5533


  1. Canzona 32 detta l'Altogradina (due canti e due bassi)
  2. Canzona 13 detta la Bianchina (due canti)
  3. Canzona 6 detta l'Altera (basso solo)
  4. Canzona 3 detta la Lucchesina (canto solo)
  5. Canzona 24 detta la Nobile (due bassi e canto)
  6. Toccata per Spinettia, è Violino
  7. Canzona 31 detta l'Arnolfinia (due canti e due bassi)
  8. Canzona 17 detta la Diodata (due bassi)
  9. Canzona 4 detta la Donatina (canto solo)
  10. Canzona 22 detta la Nicolina (canto e basso)
  11. Canzona 37 detta la Sardina (canto, alto, tenore e basso)
  12. Toccata per Spinettina sola, over Liuto
  13. Canzona 28 detta la Lanberta (due canti e basso)
  14. Canzona 21 detta la Tegrimuccia (canto e basso)
  15. Canzona 8 detta l'Ambitiosa (canto solo)
  16. Canzona 9 detta la Gualterina (due canti)
  17. Canzona 35 detta l'Alessandrina (canto, alto, tenore e basso)

Performers: Alessandro Bares (violin), Giuditta Colombo (violin), Paolo Tognon (dulcian), Rodney Prada (viol), Paolo Cherici (archlute, theorbo), Pietro Pasquini (harpsichord, organ)

Playing time: 58'

Recording date: April 1993

Although both in his time and ours, Frescobaldi was better known for his keyboard writing, he apparently valued these ensemble pieces quite highly, having revised them considerably. The major editions date from 1628 & 1634, thus after more Baroque-style instrumental music had become current, and marking these works as conservative in some ways. However, they remain quite modern in the novelty of their construction.

Although given in broken English, the essay accompanying this set is very instructive for approaching these rather odd canzoni. The choice of instruments seems to be the most idiomatic also, making this the set by which to judge the others.

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Il Viaggio Musicale
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