Elizabethan keyboard

The Queenes Command
Masterpieces of Elizabethan Keyboard Music
Joseph Payne
BIS 539


  1. Gibbons: The Queenes Command
  2. Gibbons: Mask - The Fairest Nymph
  3. Gibbons: Mask - Lincoln's Inn
  4. Gibbons: Fantasia (tone 2 transposed)
  5. Gibbons: The Wood so wilde
  6. Gibbons: Pavan
  7. Gibbons: Galliard Lady Hatton
  8. Bull: Prelude
  9. Bull: Lord Lumley's Pavan
  10. Bull: Lord Lumley's Galliard
  11. Bull: Coranto Joyeuse
  12. Bull: The King's Hunt
  13. Bull: In Nomine IX
  14. Tisdale: Almand
  15. Tisdale: Pavana Chromatica
  16. Farnaby: Woody-cock
  17. Dowland / Byrd: Pavana Lachrymae
  18. Byrd: The Queen's Alman
  19. Byrd: Lord Willobies welcome home
  20. Byrd: Pavana Bray
  21. Byrd: Galiarda Bray
  22. Byrd: Wolsey's Wilde
  23. Byrd: The Carman's Whistle

Playing time: 74'

Recording date: May & August 1991

Instruments: Harpsichord, Spindler (1991, after Ruckers 1637); Virginal, Way (1991, after Boni c.1550); Harpsichord, Way (1983, after Bononiensis 1521)

This is a selection of some of the main pieces of the repertory, centering on the three greatest composers of this music: Byrd, Bull & Gibbons.

A recording by Payne devoted to John Bull:

Bull: Pavans & Galliards
Joseph Payne
BIS 729

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