Carmina Burana

Carmina Burana
Orff and Anonymous Original Medieval Version (excerpts)
(Orff): Boys of the Temple Church Choir, London - The Royal Choral Society Royal Philharmonic Orchestra , Richard Cooke, cond.
(Anon.): Modo Antiquo - Bettina Hoffmann, dir.
Brilliant Classics BRIL 8331 [CDx2]


    CD-1: Carl Orff: Carmina Burana - Cantiones profanae, after 13th century poems of vagrant students Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi (Fortuna, Empress of the World)

  1. O Fortuna (choir)
  2. Fortune plango vulnera (choir)

  3. Primo Vere (Springtime)
  4. Veris leta facies (small choir)
  5. Omnia sol temperat (baritone solo)
  6. Ecce gratum (choir)

  7. Uf Dem Anger (On the green)
  8. Tanz (orchestra)
  9. Silva mobilis (choir)
  10. Chramer gip die varwe mir (choir)
  11. Reie (Round dance) - Swaz hie gat umbe (choir) - Chume, chum geselle min (choir)
  12. Were diu werlt alle min (choir)

  13. In Taberna (In theTavern)
  14. Estuans interius (baritone solo)
  15. Olim lacus colueram (tenor solo, choir)
  16. Ego sum abbas (baritone solo, choir)
  17. In taberna quando sumus (choir)

  18. Cour D'Amour (Court of love)
  19. Amor volat undique (soprano solo, boys choir)
  20. Dies, nox et omnia (baritone solo)
  21. Stetit puella (soprano solo)
  22. Circa mea pectora (baritone solo, choir)
  23. Si puer cum puellula (soli, tenor, baritone, bass)
  24. Veni, veni, venias (double choir)
  25. In trutina (soprano solo)
  26. Tempus ast iocundum (soprano, baritone solo, choir & boys choir)
  27. Dulcissime (soprano solo)

  28. Blanziflor Et Helena (Blanchefleur and Helen)
  29. Ave formosissima (choir)

  30. Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi (Fortuna, Express of the World)
  31. O Fortuna (choir)
  32. CD-2: Anon., Carmina Burana (excerpts)

  33. CB 185: Ich was ein chint so wolgetan
  34. CB 71: Axe Phebus aureo
  35. CB 200: Bache bene venies
  36. CB 119: Dulce solum
  37. CB 196: In taberna quando sumus
  38. CB 85 & 159: Veris dulcis in tempore
  39. CB 211 & 211o: Alte clamat Epicurus
  40. CB 90: Exiit dilucolo rustica puella
  41. CB 63: Olim sudor Herculis
  42. CB 151: Virent prata hiemata
  43. CB 116: Sic mea fata
  44. from CB 211: Walthers ton
  45. CB 153: Tempus transit gelidum

Playing time: 64' 25" + 60' 13 = 2h 04' 38"

[1]-[25] Boys of the Temple Church Choir, London - The Royal Choral Society Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Ann Archibald (soprano), John Graham-Hall (tenor), Peter Sidhom (baritone)
Richard Cooke, cond.
[26]-[38] Modo Antiquo
Elena Cecchi Fedi (soprano), Lucia Sciannimanico (mezzo-soprano), Paolo Fanciullacci (tenor, zampogna, ciaramelle, olifante), Marco Scavazza (baritone, olifante), Federico Maria Sardelli (recorders, flauto di corno, flute, ciaramelle, voice), Ugo Galasso (recorders, ciaramelle, bombarda, flauta de tamburo, flute, voice), Mauro Morini (tromba di tirarsi, olifante), Anna Clemente (organo portativo), Bettina Hoffmann (viella, ribeca, tromba marina), Gian Luca Lastraioli (citola, lute, voice), Daniele Poli (harp, lute, hurdy-gurdy, salterio, voice), Luca Brunelli Felicetti (drums, naccari, cembalo, bells, scacciapensieri, percussion)
Bettina Hoffmann, dir.

Recording site and date:
[1]-[25] Unknown
[26]-[38] Oratorio di San Francesco Poverino, Florence, Italy [10/1998]
Rel.: 2006

Excerpts (original release):
[CD-2] Amadeus "Speciale" 056-57 [CDx2] Carmina Burana

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 31/1-161 (September/October 2007)

Information from label website.
The spelling of instruments is as written on CD-2.
Attention: The front cover for the box is nearly identical to the 6 CDs box (Brilliant Classics BRIL 92888 Secular Songs & Dances from the Middle Ages: Carmina Burana / Music for the Crusade / Dances from England, France and Italy) which also includes CD-2 as CD-1.

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