Dictionary of Medieval & Renaissance Instruments

Dictionary of Medieval & Renaissance Instruments
Various Artists
Cantus 9705/6 (2 CDs)


    A) Bowed instruments

    Medieval violin
    Anon., 13th c., France
  1. Estampie
  2. Medieval fiddles accompanied by gittern
    Anon., 13th c., France
  3. In seculum viellatoris
  4. Medieval fiddles
    Guillaume de Machaut
  5. Dame, ne regardes pas
  6. Medieval fiddles accompanying a voice
    Anon., 13th c., France
  7. Puisque bele dame / Flos filius eius
  8. Medieval fiddles playing with ensemble
    Guillaume de Machaut
  9. Joie, plaisance
  10. Viola da gamba
    Heinrich Isaac
  11. Tar tara

  12. Anon., 15th-16th c., Italy
  13. Fantasia a 3 viole
  14. Viola da gamba with ensemble
    Bartolomeo Trombocino
  15. Deh si, deh no
  16. Viola da gamba soloist with instrumental ensemble
    Anon., 15th-16th c., Italy
  17. Le Forze d'Hercole
  18. Lyra-violl
    Tobias Hume
  19. Life
  20. Violin and viols of the 16th century in ensemble
    Giorgio Mainerio
  21. Gagliarda
  22. Violin of the 16th century
    Giorgio Mainerio
  23. Saltarello
  24. Early 17th century violin
    Carlo Farina
  25. Correnta quarta
  26. 17th century violins (duo)
    Marcin Mielczewski
  27. Canzon I (fragment)
  28. B) Plucked string instruments

    Medieval wire-strung harp
    Anon., 13th c., France
  29. Improvisation over an anonymous tune
  30. Medieval harp and lute played with plectrum
    Anon., 13th c., England
  31. Fuwëles in the frith (fragment)
  32. Medieval harp with ensemble
    Anon., 13th c., France
  33. Chançonnete / A la cheminée / Veritatem
  34. 15th century harp and lute
    Gilles Binchois
  35. Mesdisans m'ont cuidie
  36. 16th century Spanish harp
    Alonso Mudarra
  37. Tiento para harpa
  38. Renaissance lute and voice
    Adrian Willaert
  39. O dolce vita mia (fragment)
  40. Renaissance lute
    Joan Ambrosio Dalza
  41. Poi che volse (arrangement of the vocal setting)

  42. Pier Paolo Borrono
  43. Fantasia per liuto
  44. Family of renaissance lutes and viola da gamba
    Giorgio Mainerio
  45. La Zanetta padovana
  46. Family of renaissance lutes and guitar
    Anon., 16th century, Italy
  47. Paduana del Re
  48. Vihuela de mano
    Alonso Mudarra
  49. Romanesca o Guardame las Vacas
  50. Elizabethan lute
    Anon., 16-17th century
  51. Galliard
  52. Cittern
    Anthony Holborne
  53. The voice of the earth (The sprite's tune)
  54. Sopranino lute and family of lutes
    Carlo Farina
  55. Gagliarda prima Poi che volse (arrangement of the vocal setting)
  56. C) Recorders and flutes

    Medieval recorder
    Guillaume de Machaut
  57. Tels rit au main
  58. Ensemble of medieval recorders
    Anon., 13th c., France
  59. In seculum d'Amiens (motet)
  60. Pair of medieval recorders
    Guillaume de Machaut
  61. Honte, paour, doubtance
  62. Renaissance recorder playing in ensemble
    Gilles Binchois
  63. Triste plaisir
  64. Renaissance recorder playing in divisions
    Alexander Agricola
  65. De tous biens plaine
  66. Family of renaissance recorders with ensemble
    Giorgio Mainerio
  67. Schiarazula marazula

  68. Anon., 16th century, Italy
  69. Gagliarda el tu tu
  70. A courtly dance ensemble: families of recorders & alternatim
    Anon., 16th century, Italy
  71. Gagliarda La Traditora
  72. Quartet of renaissance recorders
    Carlo Farina
  73. Correnta sesta
  74. Renaissance flute and harp
    Anon., 16th century, Italy
  75. Gentil dame
  76. Renaissance flute playing with ensemble
    Giorgio Mainerio
  77. Ungarescha
  78. Family of renaissance flutes
    Eustache du Caurroy
  79. Il estoit une fillette
  80. English Consort
    Anon., 16th/17th century
  81. Nutmiggs and Ginger
  82. A renaissance dance orchestra
    Carlo Farina
  83. Correnta settina
  84. CD-2
    A) Keyboard instruments

    Organetto (medieval portative organ)
    Anon., 14th century, Spain
  85. Improvisation (tune from Llibre Vermell)
  86. 15th-16th century positive organ
    Gilles Binchois
  87. Je ne fais tousjours
  88. 16th century positive organ
    Francisco Guerrero
  89. Deposuit potentes
  90. 16th century great Iberian cathedral organ
    Francisco Hernánandez Palero
  91. Un verso de Morales glosado
  92. 17th century chamber organ
    Andrzej Rohaczewski
  93. Canzon
  94. Clavichord
    Konrad Paumann
  95. Mit ganczem willem
  96. Virginals
    Anon., 16th century, England
  97. My Lady Carreys Dompe
  98. Italian 16th century harpsichord (copy)
    Anon., 16th century, Italy
  99. La Forze d'Hercole
  100. Italian 16th century harpsichord (original)
    William Byrd
  101. Praeludium MB 115
  102. Alman MB 117
  103. 17th century Flemish harpsichord with recorder
    Anon., 17th century, England
  104. Scarborough Fair
  105. 17th century Flemish harpsichord
    William Byrd
  106. Rowland
  107. Hurdy-gurdy
    Alfonso el Sabio, Cantigas de Santa Maria
  108. Cantiga 166: Como poden per sas culpas
  109. Cantiga 42: A virgen muy groriosa
  110. B) Wind & Brass instruments

    Medieval cornetto muto (medieval mute cornet)
    Johannes Symonis, dit Hasprois
  111. Puisque que je suis fumeux
  112. Renaissance cornetto and sackbuts
    Jacob Obrecht
  113. Den haghel ende
  114. Cornetto playing divisions, and viole da gamba
    Antoine Busnois / Felice (attr.)
  115. Fortuna desperata (with divisions)
  116. 17th century cornetto
    Biagio Marini
  117. L'Orlandina
  118. 17th century cornetti (duo)
    Biagio Marini
  119. Aria "La Soranza"
  120. Sackbuts playing with ensemble
    Guillaume Dufay
  121. Hé, compaignons
  122. 16th century trombones ensemble
    Jacob Praetorius
  123. Salve decus Suecorum Rex
  124. 17th century trombones ensemble
    Daniel Speer
  125. Sonata
  126. 17th century trombones playing with ensemble
    Giovanni Battista Buonamente
  127. Sonata a 5
  128. 17th century natural trumpets ensemble
    Pieter Hainlein
  129. Fanfarria
  130. Medieval bagpipe
    Guillaume de Machaut
  131. Je vivroie liement
  132. Medieval bagpipe with other wind instruments
    Anon., 13th c., France
  133. Estampie
  134. Medieval bagpipe with ensemble
    Guillaume de Machaut
  135. J'aim sans penser
  136. Renaissance wind ensemble
    Heinrich Isaac
  137. In meinem Sinn
  138. Bombardes and sackbuts in ensemble
    Heinrich Isaac
  139. Alla battaglia
  140. Crumhorns
    Anon., 16th century, Italy
  141. Saltarello Francese
  142. Crumhorns playing with ensemble
    Anon., 16th century, Italy
  143. Pavana La Bataglia
  144. Bassoon solo and playing with ensemble
    Anon., 16th century, Italy
  145. La Gamba

Playing time: 74' 23" + 64' 36" = 138' 59"

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