Machaut: Le Lay de Confort

Machaut: Le Lay de Confort
The Little Consort - Frans Brüggen
Channel Classics 0390


  1. Anon. Spain: O virgo splendens
  2. Anon. England: Salve Regina
  3. Anon. France: Tres doulx compains
  4. Machaut: S'onques doulereusement (Le lay de confort)

Performers: Frans Brüggen (flute), Walter van Hauwe (flute), Kees Boeke (flute, vielle, psaltery), Lucia Meeuwsen (soprano), Toyohiko Satoh (mediaeval lute, cistre)

Playing time: 46'

Recording date: June 1988 (Sovana, Italy); released: 1990

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