The Passion of Reason

Res Musice: The Passion of Reason
The Sour Cream Legacy
Frans Brüggen / Kees Boeke / Walter van Hauwe
Glossa "Nouvelle Vision" 921102 (2 CDs)

Previously issued as: Attacca Babel 9682/83


  1. Machaut: Ma fin est mon commencement
  2. Machaut: Hoquetus David
  3. Machaut: Sanz cuer m'en vois
  4. Solage: Fumeux, fume par fumee
  5. Brumel: Tandernack
  6. Thomas Preston: Upon La Mi Re
  7. Cornysh: Fa La Sol
  8. Cornysh: Catholicon a
  9. Cornysh: Catholicon b
  10. Fayrfax: That was my woe
  11. Tye: Sit fast
  12. Bedyngham: Salva Jesu
  13. Anon., Baldwin MS: Kyrie
  14. Anon., Baldwin MS: Kyrie a
  1. Anon., Baldwin MS: Kyrie b
  2. Anon., Baldwin MS: Kyrie
  3. Nathaniel Giles: Salvator Mundi
  4. Preston: O Lux
  5. William Newark: The farther I go
  6. Isaac: Fortuna desperata
  7. Isaac: La Morra
  8. Isaac: Si dormiero
  9. Johann Walter: Canon
  10. Jannequin: L'Alouette
  11. Trebor: En seumeillant
  12. J.S. Bach - Boeke: Eclipse
  13. Bach: 4 Goldberg-Canons
  14. Bach: Canon by augmentation

Performers: Frans Brüggen (recorders), Walter van Hauwe (recorders), Kees Boeke (recorders, viol), Toyohiko Satoh (lute), Isabel Álvarez (mezzo-soprano - tracks CD1#10, CD2#5,11)

Playing time: 115'

Recording dates: June 1993 (Arezzo, Italy) & July 1994 (Netherlands); original issue: 1996; reissue on Glossa: late 1997

[12] Valley Entertainment VLEC 15 024 The best of Millenium of Music -Behold and See

This is a lavish production, featuring interesting philosophical speculations and intriguing historical quotes. The primary ensemble used is three recorders, and in many cases the transcription is a free one, beginning immediately with the opening fade into Machaut's famous palindrome rondeau. The approach to pitch is also innovative at times.

This is a thought-provoking release. It is a very strongly nuanced example of the sort of interpretation which can be achieved from individual sources. With what is in some ways a very straight-forward arrangement of the music, many personal ideas shine forth.

The present CD specifically directs the reader to its web page (see purchase information), which goes so far to state that it remains a continuing project and will be updated regularly! An interesting idea.

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There are historical photos on the web page referenced above.

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