Consort Songs w/ recorder

Consort Songs
Connor Burrowes / Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet
Channel Classics 9196


  1. Dowland: Sorrow, come Courant
  2. Byrd: Wretched Albinus; With lilies white
  3. Dowland: Aria
  4. Anon: Complain with tears
  5. Tallis: When shall my sorrowful sighing
  6. Richard Nicholson: In a merry May morn
  7. Anon: When May is in his prime
  8. Simpson: Male-Content
  9. Anon: This merry pleasant Spring
  10. William Cobbold: Ye mortal wights
  11. Simpson: Paduan & Volta
  12. Patrick Mando: Like as the day
  13. Anon: How can the tree
  14. Jenkins: Fantasia VII
  15. Ferrabosco II: Four-note Pavan

Performers: Daniel Brüggen, Bertho Driever, Paul Leenhouts, Karel van Steenhoven (recorders), Connor Burrowes (boy soprano), David Miller (lute, guitar)

Release date: 1996

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