Gibbons organ music

Gibbons: Anthems & Complete Organ Works
Robert Woolley / Choir of St. John's College Cambridge
Chandos Chaconne 0559


  1. Fantasia No. 3 for double organ (D minor)
  2. Fantasia No. 1 (D minor)
  3. Prelude No. 1 (A minor)
  4. If ye be risen again with Christ
  5. O Lord, in Thy wrath rebuke me not
  6. Fantasia No. 5 (G minor)
  7. Prelude No. 3 (D minor)
  8. Almighty God, who by Thy son
  9. O clap your hands
  10. Fantasia No. 6 (A minor)
  11. Fantasia No. 9 (C major)
  12. Prelude No. 2 (G major)
  13. We praise Thee, O Father
  14. Fantasia No. 7 (A minor)
  15. Fantasia No. 4 (D minor)
  16. Fantasia No. 2 (D minor)
  17. Prelude No. 4 (A minor)
  18. So God loved the world
  19. O God the King of glory
  20. Fantasia No. 10 (C major)
  21. Fantasia No. 8 (A minor)

Performers: Robert Woolley (organ), Choir of St. John's College Cambridge - Christopher Robinson (director)

Instrument: Dallam organ, Ploujean Brittany (late 17th century)

Playing time: 79'

Recording date: July 1993 (anthems), September 1993 (organ)

Nearly two-thirds of the length of this recording consists of organ music, however the phrase "Complete Organ Works" is highly misleading. Few keyboard works from the era were designated for a particular instrument. In fact, this recording contains somewhat under half of Gibbons' surviving keyboard music (a majority of the fantasias), and apparently represents Woolley's opinion of what is most idiomatic on the organ. To put this in perspective, there are recordings on organ of pieces by Gibbons which aren't included here.

Nonetheless this is the largest selection available of Gibbons' music played on organ, including the largest selection of the keyboard fantasias, and competently done.

A broad collection from the era:

The Golden Age of English Organ Music
Kenneth Gilbert
ADDA 581178

And a recording devoted to the organ music of Gibbons' major contemporary:

Dr. John Bull: Organ Musicke
Etienne Baillot
K617 003 (Orgues de Moselle)

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