Bull organ music

Dr. John Bull: Organ Musicke
Etienne Baillot
K617 003 (Orgues de Moselle)


  1. Praeludium
  2. Te Lucis ante Terminum
  3. Fantasia sexti toni (a 4)
  4. Dorick Musique (a 3)
  5. Vexilla Regis prodeunt (a 3)
  6. In Nomine
  7. Salve Regina Misere Cordi
  8. Fantasia Dr. Bull
  9. Miserere
  10. Een Kindeken is ons geboren
  11. In Nomine
  12. Fantasia

Playing time: 50'

Recording date: July 1984

Instrument: Metz Cathedral, Trèves / Verdun (1537)

Bull's organ music is generally very complex & contrapuntally rigorous, though a couple of these tracks present his more genial side. This is still some of the most difficult organ music ever written, and the fine recording is quite valuable (though the liner notes are only in French).

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