3-part consorts

Music for Viola da Gamba at English Courts
Ulrike Vier / Ekkehard Weber / Michael Spengler
Christophorus Entrée 0077


  1. Thomas Tomkins (1572-1656): Fantasia in D (3 viols)
  2. Tomkins: Fantasia (3 viols)
  3. Tomkins: Fantasia (3 viols)
  4. John Jenkins (1592-1678): Pavan (2 bass viols)
  5. Christopher Simpson (1582-1669): Suite in D (3 viols)
  6. Jenkins: Fantasia No. 5 in d minor (3 viols)
  7. Jenkins: Fantasia No. 8 in a minor (3 viols)
  8. E. Withye: Mr. Wythie's Trumpett Tune (bass viol)
  9. Simpson: Suite in d (3 viols)

Playing time: 45'

Recording date: May 1982; released on CD: 1995

This program fills a nice niche, with old-fashioned viol consort music of the early-to-mid 17th century. The two extensive suites by the still-neglected Christopher Simpson are valuable. In addition, the 2-part Pavan of Jenkins is a fascinating piece; the remaining fantasias of Jenkins & Tomkins are selected to make a fine program. The "trumpet tune" of the unknown Withye is a set of variations on a tune sounding like a trumpet.

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Todd M. McComb