Agricola: Instrumental Music

Colours in the Dark
The Instrumental Music of Alexander Agricola
Ensemble Leones - Marc Lewon
Christophorus 77368


  1. In minen Zin (a 3)
  2. Ghizeghem: De tous biens plaine (a 3; w/ voice)
  3. Roelkin: De tous biens plaine (a 2)
  4. De tous biens plaine II (a 3)
  5. De tous biens plaine III (a 3)
  6. De tous biens plaine IV (a 3)
  7. De tous biens plaine V (a 3)
  8. Anon: Tandernaken (w/ voice)
  9. Tandernaken (a 3)
  10. Anon: Si congié prens
  11. Si congié prens (a 3)
  12. D... (a 3)
  13. Je ne puis plus (a 3)
  14. Cecus non judicat de coloribus (a 3)
  15. Agricola or Brumel: Fors seullement (a 4)
  16. Agricola & Ghiselin: Duo (a 2)
  17. Pater meus agricola est (a 3)
  18. Frye: Tout a par moy (a 3; w/ voice)
  19. Tout a par moy II (a 3)
  20. Tout a par moy I (a 4)
  21. Fitch: Agricola VIII / Obrecht canon III "De tous biens plaine / Tinguely-Brunnen" (a)
  22. Helas, madame que feraige
  23. Fitch: Agricola VIII / Obrecht canon III "De tous biens plaine / Tinguely-Brunnen" (b)
  24. Dufay: Le serviteur (a 3; w/ voice)
  25. Anon: Le serviteur (a 2)
  26. ? Agricola: Le serviteur (a 4)
  27. Fitch: Agricola IX "Je nay dueil"
  28. Fortuna desperata (a 6)

Performers: Raitis Grigalis (voice), Baptiste Romain (violin, vielle), Elizabeth Rumsey (viol, viola d'arco), Uri Smilansky (viola d'arco), Kirsty Whatley (harp), Gawain Glenton (cornet), Crawford Young (lute), Marc Lewon (lute, gittern, cetra, viola d'arco)

Playing time: 81'

Recording date: April 2012 (Switzerland); released: 2013

All pieces are by Agricola unless otherwise noted. This is the first CD I've seen longer than 80 minutes.

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