François Regnard: Motets

Regnard: Novæ Cantiones Sacræ (1590)
Motets à 4, 5 & 6 voix
Ensemble Jacques Moderne - Joël Suhubiette
Calliope 9291


  1. Super flumina Babylonis (à 5)
  2. Tulerunt Dominum meum (à 5)
  3. Initium lamentationum Hieremiæ (à 5)
  4. Angelus ad pastores (à 6)
  5. Timor et tremor (à 5)
  6. Exultate justi (à 5)
  7. Salve Regina (à 4)
  8. Lux de caelo (à 5)
  9. Cum crucifixissent Jseum (à 5)
  10. In te Domine speravi (à 5)
  11. Laudate pueri Dominum (à 6)

Performers: Cécile Le Bihan, Isabelle Sauvageot, Christine Fratissier, Catherine Joussellin, Cécile Bodereau, Sophie Toussaint, Thierry Grégoire, Hugues Primard, Ludovic De Charette, Jean-Paul Juchem, Antoine Guerber, Renaud Delaigue, Cyrille Gautreau, Pascal Gourgand

Playing time: 54'

Recording date: June 1993

François Regnard (d.c.1590) lived in the area of Douai, Tournai & Lille. The present motets are taken from a collection compiled for publication by his brother Augustin; four family members are represented in the collection, although nearly two thirds is devoted to François.

These motets use the alternatim style of contrasting polyphony with chant, as well as the now-typical madrigal-inspired illustrations of some parts of the text. However, Regnard is still rather far removed from strict humanism, as he feels free to have the same singer sing contradictory lyrics if it suits the music.

A recording devoted to François' better-known brother Jacob, active in Austria & Bohemia:

Regnart: 15 Marian Motets
Weser-Renaissance Bremen - Manfred Cordes
CPO 999 507

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