Of numbers and miracles

Of numbers and miracles
Selected Cantigas de Santa Maria
The Renaissance Players - Winsome Evans, dir.
Celestial Harmonies 13091-2


    Alfonso le Sabio (attr.): Cantigas de Santa Maria
  1. Cantiga 420: Béeyta es Maria
  2. Cantiga 10: Rosa das rosas
  3. Cantiga 77: Da que Deus mamou
  4. Cantiga 160: Quen bõa dona querra
  5. Cantiga 2: Muito devemos varoes
  6. Cantiga 127: Non pod'ome pela Virgen
  7. Cantiga 411: Béeyto foi o dia (excerpt)
  8. Cantiga 124: O que pola Virgen leixa
  9. Cantiga 254: O nome da Virgen santa
  10. Cantiga 50: Non deve null' ome
  11. Cantiga 147: A madre do que a bestia
  12. Cantiga 226: Assi pod'a Virgen
  13. Cantiga 100: Santa Maria strela do dia
  14. Cantiga 340: Virgen madre groriosa

Playing time: 78' 40"

The Renaissance Players - Winsome Evans, dir.

Excerpts (from original releases):
[2]-[3], [12]-[13] Walsingham WAL 8007-2 Songs for a Wise King - Cantigas de Santa Maria I
[5]-[6], [8]-[9], [14] Walsingham WAL 8008-2 Maria morning star - Cantigas de Santa Maria II
[1], [4] Walsingham WAL 8035-2 Mirror of Light - Cantigas de Santa Maria III
[7], [10]-[11] Unknown source or original material not previously released

Recording site and date:
St. Peters, Sydney, Australia [1996 or prior]

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