Maria morning star

Maria morning star - Cantigas de Santa Maria II
The Renaissance Players - Winsome Evans, dir.
Walsingham WAL 8008-2


    Alfonso le Sabio (attr.): Cantigas de Santa Maria
  1. Cantiga 340: Virgen madre groriosa
  2. Cantiga 47: Virgen Santa Maria guarda-nos
  3. Cantiga 254: O nome da Virgen santa
  4. Cantiga 2: Muito devemos varoes
  5. Cantiga 127: Non pod'ome pela Virgen
  6. Cantiga 124: O que pola Virgen leixa
  7. Cantiga 290: Maldito seja quen non loara
  8. Cantiga 42: A Virgen mui groriosa
  9. Cantiga 139: Maravillosos e piadosos
  10. Cantiga 403: Aver non poderia

Playing time: 66' 02"

Performers: The Renaissance Players [Winsome Evans (shawm, whistle, organetto, psaltery, harp, sinfonye, bells), Ingrid Walker (whistle, gemshorn), Benedict Hames (rebec, whistle), Andrew Tredinnick (ud, gittern, chitarra moresca), Llew Kiek (citole), Barbara Stackpool (castanets, finger cymbals), Andrew Lambkin (darabukka, daireh, tabor), Mina Kanaridis (soprano, reader), Jenny Duck-Chong (mezzo-soprano, tambourine), Mara Kiek (alto, tapan), Tobias Cole (counter-tenor), Geoff Sirmai (reader)] - Winsome Evans, dir.

Recording site and date:
St. Peters, Sydney, Australia [1996 or prior]

[1], [3]-[6] Celestial Harmonies 13091-2 Of numbers and miracles

Other releases by this group: As of may 1997, Renaissance Players has recorded 7 CDs for Walsingham records; a complete list can be found at Walsingham WAL 8003-2 The Muses' Gift

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