Columbia History of Music, Volume II

Columbia History of Music by Ear and Eye, Volume II
Various performers
Columbia (USA) set M 232 [78rpm x8, 25cm]
Columbia 78 253 [78rpm x8, 25cm]


    This is a set of eight released 78rpm:
  1. Columbia (Great Britain) DB 500 [78rpm, 25cm] Monteverdi - Purcell
  2. Columbia (Great Britain) DB 501 [78rpm, 25cm] Corelli
  3. Columbia (Great Britain) DB 502 [78rpm, 25cm] Purcell - Handel
  4. Columbia (Great Britain) DB 503 [78rpm, 25cm] Handel - Atalanta / Solomon
  5. Columbia (Great Britain) DB 504 [78rpm, 25cm] J. S. Bach - Violin concerto
  6. Columbia (Great Britain) DB 505 [78rpm, 25cm] J. S. Bach - Prelude
  7. Columbia (Great Britain) DB 506 [78rpm, 25cm] J. S. Bach - Sinfonia & Chorales
  8. Columbia (Great Britain) DB 507 [78rpm, 25cm] J. S. Bach - Cantata & Suite

Performers, recording site and date:
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Playing time: ??' ??"

Date of release:
ca 1930

Reviewed in:
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
La Revue musicale (Vol./#-p.):
Revue Disques (#-p.):

Information from The Gramophone Shop Encyclopedia of Recorded Music (1942), WERM (1952 ed.) and Trinity College, Dublin. This recording is a part of a collection edited by Percy Scholes. Each Volume (5 in total) contains eight 10" (78rpm) discs, accompanied by a 52-page illustrated booklet and album.

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