Handel - Atalanta / Solomon

Handel - Atalanta / Solomon
Columbia History of Music by Ear and Eye, vol. II, rec. 4
Owens, Bach Cantata Club, London - Kennedy Scott, dir.
Columbia (Great Britain) DB 503 [78rpm, 25cm]


    George Frideric Handel: from Atalanta
  1. Like as the love-lorn turtle

  2. ----
    George Frideric Handel: from Solomon
  3. Nightingale Chorus

Playing time: ??' ??"

[1] Doris Owens (contralto), Bach Cantata Club, London [(strings, harpsichord)] - Kennedy Scott, dir.
[2] Bach Cantata Club, London [(choir, orchestra)] - Kennedy Scott, dir.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [ca 1932]

Columbia (USA) set M 232 [78rpm x8, 25cm] Columbia History of Music by Ear and Eye, Volume II (Baroque).

Information from The Gramophone Shop Encyclopedia of Recorded Music (1942), WERM (1952 ed.) and Trinity College, Dublin. This recording is a part of a collection edited by Percy Scholes. Each Volume (5 in total) contains eight 10" (78rpm) discs, accompanied by a 52-page illustrated booklet and album.

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