La Battaglia - Music for the Battle

La Battaglia - Music for the Battle
Philip Jones Brass Ensemble - Elgar Howarth, Philip Jones
Decca Ovation 448 183-2


    Samuel Scheidt (1587 - 1654)
    Battle Suite (1621)
  1. Galliard battaglia
  2. Courant dolorosa
  3. Canzon ad imitationem Bergamascae anglicae

  4. Tylman Susato
    Susato Suite
  5. La Morisque
  6. Branle quatre branles
  7. Ronde
  8. Basse danse bergeret
  9. Ronde mon amy
  10. Pavane bataille

  11. William Byrd (1543 - 1623)
    The Battell
  12. The Marche before the Battell
  13. The souldiers' sommons
  14. The marche of footemen
  15. The marche of horsemen
  16. The Trumpetts
  17. The Irish Marche
  18. The bagpipe and the drone
  19. The flute and the droome
  20. The marche to the fighte
  21. The Retraite
  22. The buriing of the dead
  23. The Morris
  24. The souldiers' dance
  25. The Gaillarde for the Victoire
  26. The Earle of Oxford's Marche

  27. Adriano Banchieri (1568 - 1634)
  28. "Udite, ecco le trombe"

  29. Johann Huhnau (1660 - 1722)
    The battle between David and Goliath
  30. The boasting of Goliath
  31. The trembling of the Israelites on the appearance of the giant, and their prayer made to God
  32. The courage of David, and his desire to humble the arrogange of his dreadful enemy, together with his confidence placed in the aid of God
  33. The struggle between the two and their contest. With his sling David throws the flint at the forehead of the giant; Goliath falls
  34. The flight of the Philistines, who are pursued by the Israelites
  35. The joy of the Israelites at their victory
  36. The concert of music by the women in honour of David
  37. The general jubilation and the dances of joyfulness of the people

  38. John Jenkins (1592 - 1678)
  39. Fantasia "Newark Siege"

  40. George Frideric Handel (1685 - 1759)
  41. La Réjouissance (from the Royal Fireworks Music)

Playing time: 68' 32"

Philip Jones Brass Ensemble [Philip Jones, James Watson (trumpets), Michael Laird, Paul Archibald, John Miller, William Houghton (flugelhorns), Ifor James, Anthony Randall, John Pignéguy, patrick Garvey (horns), John Iveson, Roger Brenner, David Purser, Raymond Premru (trombones), John Fletcher, John Jenkins, David Purser (tubas), David Corkhill, Norman Taylor (percussion)] - Elgar Howarth (tracks 1-15, 26), Philip Jones (tracks 16 - 25) dir.

Place and date of recording:
St. Jude's Hampstead Garden Suburb [1980] (tracks 10-35)

Argo ZRG 932 [LP] La Battaglia

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