Instrumental music from the courts of Queen Elizabeth and King James

Instrumental music from the courts of Queen Elizabeth and King James
New York Pro Musica - Noah Greenberg, dir.
Decca Gold Label Series DL 9415 [LP, mono]
Decca Gold Label Series DL 7 9415 [LP, stereo]
Decca "Brunswick" AXTL 1099 [LP, mono]
Decca "Brunswick" SXA 4007 [LP, stereo]
Deutsche Gramophon DGG 18 867 LPM [LP, mono]
Deutsche Gramophon DGG 138 867 SLPM [LP, stereo]
MCA 2509 [LP]


    Anthony Holborne: Five Dances
  1. 1. Dance: The honie suckle
    2. Dance: The fairie round
    3. Dance: Sic semper
    4. Dance: Pavana ploravit
    5. Dance: Galliard

  2. John Ward:
  3. In nomine à 4

  4. William Byrd:
  5. 1. Lord Willobies welcome home
    Thomas Morley:
    2. Il Lamento

  6. Thomas Lupo:
  7. Fantasia à 6

  8. ----
    Giovanni Coperario:
  9. Fantasia à 5

  10. Anon., England: Two Masque dances
  11. 1. Williams his love
    2. The Mountebanks' dance

  12. Thomas Lupo:
  13. Fantasia à 3

  14. Orlando Gibbons:
  15. The Lord Salisbury his Pavin

  16. Anthony Holborne: Five Dances
  17. 1. Dance: Pavan
    2. Dance: Galliard
    3. Dance: Heigh ho Holiday
    4. Dance: The Wanton
    5. Dance: The Choise

Playing time: ??' ??"

New York Pro Musica:
LaNoue Davenport (recorders), Martha Bixler (recorders), Shelly Gruskin (flute, recorders, krummhorn), Joel Newman, (recorders), Morris Newman (recorders, tenor shawm), Ronald Roseman (alto shawm), Philip West (treble shawm), Robert Montesi (cornett), Don Smithers (cornett), Barbara Meuser (bass viol), Gilbert Cohen (bass sackbutt), Arnold Fromme (tenor sackbutt), Paul Maynard (harpsichords, organ, portable organ), Paul Fein (percussion)
Noah Greenberg, dir.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1961 or prior];
Rel.: 04/1962 (Decca)

Excerpts (from original release):
[1.2], [3.1], [6.2], [9.1] Decca DL 7 9174 [LP, stereo] Anne of the Thousand Days

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