The Kynge's Musicke

The Kynge's Musicke
New York Pro Musica - John Reeves White, dir.
Decca DL 79434 [LP]
Coral COCS 1355 [LP, France]
MCA Classics MUCS 129 [LP]
MCA Classics MUCS 2517 [LP]


    Early Tudor Dances and Fantasias

  1. Three Popular Dances
    1. La bounette
    2. La doun cella
    3. La chymyse
  2. Six Fantasias
      Henry VIII
    1. Tanndernaken

    2. Robert White
    3. In nomine

    4. Thomas Tallis
    5. A point
    6. Veni redemptor
    7. Clarifica me pater

    8. John Mundy
    9. Tres partes in una

  3. William Cornysh
  4. Fantasia: Fa la sol
      Master Newman
    1. Pavane

    2. Anon.
    3. Galliard

  6. William Byrd
  7. Fantasia
  8. ----

    Elizabethan Popular Tunes and Consort Music

      William Byrd
    1. My Lord of Oxenford's March

    2. John Dowland
    3. Frog Galliard
      Elway Bevin
    1. Browning (bass viols)

    2. John Ward
    3. Arye (2 bass viols, organetto)

  11. William Byrd
  12. O Mistress Mine

  13. John Ward
  14. Fantasia
      Giles Farnaby
    1. Rosasolis

    2. John Dowland
    3. Lachrymae Triste

  16. John Coperario
  17. Fantasia

Playing time: 47' 00" app.

New York Pro Musica:
LaNoue Davenport (recorder, krummhorn, sackbut, bass viola da gamba), Judith Davidoff (bass viola da gamba), Shelley Gruskin (flute, recorder, krummhorn, rauschpfeife, kortholt), Edward Smith (harpsichord, regal, organetto), John White (Organetto, regal), Christopher Williams (lute, recorder, krummhorn)
with the New York Pro Musica Consort of Viols:
Alison Fowle (treble viol), Grace Feldman (tenor viol), Judith Davidoff (bass viol), Barbara Mueser (bass viol)
John Reeves White, dir.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1968];
Rel.: 12/1968 (Decca)

Excerpts (from original release):
[1]-[3] Decca Gold Label Series DL 7 9438 [LP] Medieval Roots
[1]-[2.1], [2.3], [2.6], [6] Decca DL 7 9174 [LP, stereo] Anne of the Thousand Days

Information from LP. Additional informations from Pierre-F. Roberge.

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