Orlando Gibbons

IV. Research Period: The High Renaissance
Series M: The Elizabethan Age: Orlando Gibbons: Anthems, Madrigals and Fantasies
Deller Consort & Consort of Viols of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis
Archiv Produktion APM 14056 [LP, mono, Europe]
Archiv Produktion ARC 3053 [LP, mono, NA]


    Orlando Gibbons:
  1. Anthem (a 5): O Lord, I lift my heart to Thee
  2. Hymn a (4): Thus Angels sung
  3. Fantasia I (a 3)
  4. Anthem (a 4): Almighty and Everlasting God
  5. Hymn (a 4): Oh my love, how comely now
  6. Fantasia "In nomine" (a 5)
  7. Anthems (a 4): O Lord increase my faith
  8. Anthems (a 5): This is the record of John

  9. Madrigal (a 5): What is our life
  10. Fantasia II (a 3)
  11. Madrigal (a 5): The silver swan
  12. Fantasia (a 4)
  13. The cries of London
    1. God give you good morrow
    2. A good sausage, a good

Deller Consort
Eileen Mcloughlin (cantus), Alfred Deller (altus), Wilfred Brown (tenor), Gerald English (tenor), Maurice Bevan (bassus), Normann Platt (bassus)
Consort of Viols of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis
Marianne Majer (alto viol), Hannelore Müller (tenor viol, bass viol), August Wenzinger (treble viol), Jan Crafoord (treble viol, tenor viol), Johannes Koch (bass viol, contrabass viol)

Playing time: 21' 18" + 22' 04" = 43' 22"

Recording site and date:
Bielefeld, Oetkerhalle [9/1955]

Archiv Codex 453 166-2 [CD] The Silver Swan

[3], [6], [10], [12] Archiv 37 126 [45 rpm] Gibbons - Four Fantasias.
[3] Deutsche Grammophon 136 306 IMS [LP] Musikkunde in Beispielen - Musik des Mittelalters und der Renaissance.

Reviewed in:
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 33/396-469 (May 1956), 36/422- [Jul. 1958 (as 37 126)].

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