Deller - Gibbons

The Silver Swan
Gibbons - Anthems, Madrigals & Fantasies
Deller Consort - Alfred Deller / Schola Cantorum Basiliensis - August Wenzinger
Archiv Codex Series 453 166



  1. Anthem a 5: O Lord, I lift my heart to Thee
  2. Hymn a 4: Thus Angels sung
  3. Fantasia I a 3
  4. Anthem a 4: Almighty and everlasting God
  5. Hymn a 4: O my love, how comely now
  6. In nomine a 5
  7. Anthem a 4: O Lord, increase my faith
  8. Anthem a 5: This is the record of John
  9. Madrigal a 5: What is our life?
  10. Fantasia II a 3
  11. Madrigal a 5: The silver Swan
  12. Fantasia a 4
  13. Cries of London I: God give you good morrow
  14. Cries of London II: A good sausage, a good
  15. Morley

  16. Canzonet a 6: Good love, then fly thou to her
  17. Canzonet a 3: Farewell, disdainful
  18. Madrigal a 4: Hark, jolly shepherds, hark
  19. Madrigal a 4: Now is the gentle season / The fields abroad
  20. Ballett a 5: My lovely wanton jewel
  21. Canzonet a 2: Sweet nymph, come to thy lover
  22. Canzonet a 6: Stay, heart, run not so fast
  23. Canzonet a 5: O grief, even on the bud

Performers - Gibbons: Eileen McLoughlin (soprano), Alfred Deller (alto), Wilfred Brown (tenor), Gerald English (tenor), Maurice Bevan (bass), Norman Platt (bass), Marianne Majer (alto viol), Hannelore Müller (tenor & bass viol), August Wenzinger (treble viol), Jan Crafoord (treble & tenor viol), Johannes Koch (bass & contrabass viol); Performers - Morley: Ambrosian Singers, direction Denis Stevens

Playing time: 63'

Recording dates: October 1955, Bielefeld Oetkerhalle (Gibbons) / June 1962 (Morley)

The original issue of the Gibbons program was on Archiv 14 056 (LP).

The Morley portion of this program does not involve the Deller Consort in any way.

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Todd M. McComb