Biber: Mystery Sonatas

Biber: Mystery Sonatas
Musica Antiqua Köln - Reinhard Goebel
Archiv 431 656-2 A H2 (2 CDs)


Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber (1644-1704):
15 Sonatas based on the Mystery of the Rosary (violin, b.c.)
Die Fünf Freudenhaften Mysterien (The Five Joyous Mysteries)
- Sonata I: Die Verkündigung (The Annunciation)
- Sonata II: Mariä Besuch bei Elisabeth (The Visitation)
- Sonata III: Christi Geburt (The Nativity)
- Sonata IV: Christi Darstellung im Tempel (The Presentation)
- Sonata V: Der zwölfjährige Jesus im Tempel (The Finding in the Temple)
Die Fünf Schmerzhaften Mysterien (The Five Sorrowful Mysteries)
- Sonata VI: Christi Leiden am Ölberg (The Agony in the Garden)
- Sonata VII: Die Geibelung (The Scourging of Jesus)
- Sonata VIII: Die Dornenkrönung (The Crowning of Jesus with Thorns)
- Sonata IX: Die Kreuztragung (Jesus carries His Cross)
- Sonata X: Die Kreuzigung (The Crucifixion)
Die Fünf Glorreichen Mysterien (The Five Glorious Mysteries)
- Sonata XI: Die Auferstehung (The Ressurection)
- Sonata XII: Christi Himmelfahrt (The Ascension)
- Sonata XIII: Ausgiebung des Heiligen Geistes (The Descent of the Holy Gost)
- Sonata XIV: Mariä Himellfahrt (The Assumption of our Lady)
- Sonata XV: Die Krönung der Jungfrau Maria (The Crowning of the Blessed Virgin Mary)
Passacaglia in G minor (solo violin)

Playing time: 113'38

Performers: Reinhard Goebel (violin); Phoebe Carrai (cello); Konrad Junghänel (lute); Andreas Spering (harpsichord, organ).

Recording date: 1/1990.

Comments: This is the last recording of Reinhard Goebel as a violin player before the laming of his left hand. However, after ten years as a left-hand viol and violin player, today he plays again as solo right-handed violin player.

Maurizio Frigeni

Although Biber's Rosary Sonatas were never published during his lifetime, they represent one of the finest German violin collections of the period. There is a good deal of formal variety between the different sonatas, as well as a wide range of scordatura tuning. The latter makes these Sonatas especially fascinating to us today.

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