Dresden Orchestra

Concerti "per l'orchestra di Dresda"
Musica Antiqua Köln - Reinhard Goebel
Archiv 447 644-2 A H (1 CD)


Johann David Heinichen (1683-1729):
- Concerto in F major (flute I/II, oboe I/III, horn I/II, bassoon I/II; strings; b.c.)
Charles Dieupart (c. 1667-c. 1740):
- Concerto in A minor (piccolo-flute; strings, oboes colla parte; b.c.)
Johann Friedrich Fasch (1688-1758):
- Concerto in D minor (lute; strings; b.c.)
Johann Georg Pisendel (1687-1755):
- Sonata in C minor (strings, oboes colla parte; b.c.)
Johann David Heinichen (1683-1729):
- Pastorale in A major (oboe I/II; strings, oboes colla parte; b.c.)
Johann Joachin Quantz (1697-1773):
- Concerto in G major (flute I/II, horn I/II; strings, oboes colla parte, flutes; b.c.)
Francesco Maria Veracini (1690-1768):
- Ouverture n.5 in B flat major (strings, oboes colla parte; b.c.)

Playing time: 70'30

Performers: Florian Deuter, Anton Steck, Daniel Deuter, Sebastian Griewisch, Ulrike Kunze, Wolfgang von Kessinger, Sherman Plessner, Ulrike Fischer, Katharina Wolff, Christoph Mayer, Florian Geldsetzer, Michael Hamann (violin); Wolfgang von Kessinger, Victoria Gunn, Almuth Geldsetzer, Marie-Luise Geldsetzer, Fred Guenther (viola); Markus Möllenbeck, Mark Mefsut, Detmar Leertouwer (cello); Jonathan Cable (violone); Jed Wentz, Marion Moonen, Martin Sandhoff, Cordula Breuer (flute); Wolfgang Dey (piccolo flute); Michael Niesemann, Monika Nielen, Wolfgang Dey, Susanne Regel, Markus Deuter (oboe); Charles Putnam, Renée Allen (horn); Adrian Rovatkay, Henriette Bakker (bassoon); Michael Dücker (luth); Christian Rieger, Andreas Spering (harpsichord); Andreas Spering (organ).

Recording date: 8/1993 (Veracini), 10/1994 (Heinichen: Concerto, Dieupart, Fasch, Pisendel, Quantz) and 1/1995 (Heinichen: Pastorale).

Comments: The first part of Heinichen's Concerto in F was already issued as "Serenata di Moritzburg" in Dresden Concerti, while the following suite is new and is not found in Seibel worklist. Veracini's overture was left over from a previous recording (see Veracini 5 Ouvertures) and completes the set of six overtures.

Maurizio Frigeni

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