Dufay plainchant

The Virgin & the Temple
Dufay: Chant & Motets
Pomerium - Alexander Blachly
Deutsche Grammophon Archiv 447 773


    Ceremonial and Liturgical Motets
  1. Motet à 4: Nuper rosarum flores
  2. Alma redemptoris mater II
  3. Letabundus
  4. Motet à 5: Ecclesie militantis

  5. Recollectio Festorum Beata Marie Virginis
  6. Deus in adiutorium meum
  7. Antiphon 1: Tenebre diffugiunt
    Psalm 112: Laudate pueri Dominum
  8. Antiphon 2: Solem iusticie
    Psalm 116: Laudate Dominum omnes gentes
  9. Antiphon 3: Gabriel archangelus
    Psalm 145: Lauda anima mea Dominum
  10. Antiphon 4: Non concava vallium
    Psalm 146: Laudate Dominum quoniam bonus est
  11. Antiphon 5: Virgo puerum sistit in templo
    Psalm 147: Lauda Iherusalem Dominum
  12. Hymn: Gauda redempta
  13. Responsory: Surge propera, columba mea
  14. Antiphon for the Magnificat: Vidi speciosam
    Magnificat sexti toni
  15. Benedicamus Domini II

Performers: Michèle Eaton, Elizabeth Henreckson-Farnum, Alessandra Visconti, Cynthia Richards Wallace (sopranos); Johnson Flucker, Phyllis Jo Kubey, Stephen Rosser (altos); Gregory Carder, Timothy Leigh Evans, Neil Farrell, Michael Steinberger (tenors); Mark Duer, Jeffrey Johnson, Kurt-Owen Richards, Peter Stewart (basses)

Playing time: 60'

Recording date: March 1995 & May 1996 (tracks #2 & #3)

The second part of this program is a rare example of plainchant written by a well-known Renaissance (or more recent) composer. The discovery of this body of work puts the simple 3-part hymns (tracks #2 & #3) for which Dufay has long been known into sharper perspective. Also included is a polyphonic Magnificat (track #13) in hymn style, and of course the two famous isorhythmic motets (tracks #1 & #4).

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