Caccini: Le Nuove Musiche

Giulio Caccini:
Le Nuove Musiche, Firenze 1601 – Nuove Musiche e nuova maniera di scriverle Firenze 1614
Schola Cantorum Basiliensis
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi (EMI) « SCB – Documenta » 1C 065 1695001 [LP]
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi « SCB – Documenta » GD 77164 [CD]
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi « Splendeurs » 74321 93544-2 / GD77164 [Sleeve / CD]
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 82867 70038 [CD]


  1. Amor ch'attendi
  2. Amor, io parto
  3. Tu ch'hai le penne
  4. Non ha'l ciel
  5. Alme luci beate
  6. Vedrò 'l mio sol
  7. Tutto 'l di piango
  8. Dolcissimo sospiro
  9. Dalla porta d'oriente
  10. Amarilli mia bella
  11. Movetevi à pietà
  12. Belle rose porporine
  13. Queste lagrim' amare
  14. Torna, deh torna
  15. Con le luci d'un bel ciglio

Performers: Montserrat Figueras (voice), Hopkinson Smith (lute, guitar), Robert Clancy (guitar, chitarrone), Jordi Savall (viol), Xenia Schindler (harp)

Playing time: 51'

Recording site and date:
Kirche Amsoldingen, Kanton Bern, Switzerland [01/1983]
rel.: 1984 [LP], 1990 [CD]

[1], [4]-[5] Alia Vox AV 9811 [CD] La Barcha D'Amore. 1563-1685

Giulio Caccini (c.1550-1618) was born in Rome, and soon took up an important musical post in Florence under the Medicis. He was widely famous, and apparently a very controversial figure, having boasted of inventing the solo chordally-accompanied song.

His two collections entited Nuove Musiche of 1602 & 1614 are certainly important to this development, and Caccini was one of a handful of composers to first work in this new style. However, it had become common practice to perform older madrigals in this way via intabulations, so any notion of invention is hazy at best. Nonetheless, Caccini's detailed ornaments given to the printed vocal part are a landmark in composition.

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