Songs of Love 1400-1550

Century Classics IX 1400-1550
Chanson der Liebe - Songs of Love - La Chanson galante
Pro Cantione Antiqua & Schola Cantorum Basiliensis
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi (BMG) 05472 77 608-2


    Alexander Agricola:
  1. De tous bien playne (instrumental)
  2. En attendant
  3. A la mignonne
  4. Tandernaken al op den rijn (instrumental)

  5. Henry VIII, Ms. 31922 - The Henry VIII Ms., British Museum, London, U.K.:
  6. Helas Madame
  7. Alas what shall I do for Love
  8. O my Heart is sore

  9. Antonio Cornazano?, Vatican, Capp. 203, f. 34:
  10. Bassadanza: Collinetto I
  11. Bassadanza: Collinetto II

  12. Alexander Agricola:
  13. Je n'ay dueil
  14. Cecus non iudicat de coloribus (instrumental)
  15. Revenez tous regretz
  16. Fortuna desperata (instrumental)
  17. In mijnen sin

Playing time: 64' 41"

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Excerpts from:
[1]-[4], [10]-[14] Deutsche Harmonia mundi (BMG) RD 77 038 Agricola: Chansons
[5]-[7] as a single LP: Deutsche Harmonia mundi (EMI) 1C 065 99 833 Adieu Madame, Music for the Tudor Kings or as a double CD: Deutsche Harmonia mundi (BMG) GD 77 178 Adieu Madame Musik an englichen Hof - Music at the English Court (ca. 1415-1530)
[8]-[9] Deutsche Harmonia mundi (BMG) "Baroque Esprit" 3 05472 77 477-2 "A la Ferrarese" - Bassadanze, Balli e Canzoni (Italian Instrumental music of the 15th century)

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