Ancient Music of Scandinavia

Ice and Longboats
Ancient Music of Scandinavia
European Music Archeology Project, Vol. 2
Ensemble Mare Balticum / Åke & Jens Egevad
Delphian 34181 [CD]


  1. Drømde mik en drøm
  2. Signals to the Aesir Gods
  3. In the Village: musical pastimes
  4. In the Village 2: evening
  5. Mith hierthæ brendher (by Per Reff Lylle)
  6. Sequentia: Lux illuxit
  7. Cantio: Scribere proposui
  8. Drømde mik en drøm
  9. Ramus virens olivarum
  10. Drømde mik en drøm - duet
  11. Drømde mik en drøm
  12. Drømde mik en drøm
  13. Nobis est natus hodie / In natali Domini
  14. Estampie "Ferro transecuit" (by Per Mattsson)
  15. Estampie "Pax patrie" (by Per Mattsson)
  16. Rondellus: Ad cantus laetitae
  17. Mith hierthæ brendher (by Per Reff Lylle, instrumental)
  18. Melody from Hultebro
  19. The Warrior with his Lyre
  20. Gethornslåt
  21. Grímur á Miðalnesi
  22. Jesus Christus nostra salus
  23. Nobilis humilis
  24. Gaudet mater ecclesia
  25. Antiphona: Hostia gratia Deo
  26. Antiphona: Ferro transecuit
  27. Improvisation on "Gaudet mater ecclesia"
  28. Sancta Anna, moder Christ
  29. Sequentia: Diem festum veneremur

Performers: Åke Egevad (Viking Age bone flute, lyre, hornpipe, animal horn, wooden lur), Jens Egevad (lyres, bowed lyre - stråkharpa, wooden lur, frame drum), Cajsa S. Lund (coordination, frame drum); Ute Goedecke (voice, harp, bone recorder, shawm, Jew's harp, shells), Per Mattsson (symphony, rebec, vielle, tromba marina, bells), Stefan Wikström (tambourine, wooden lur), Aino Lund Lavoipierre (vocals, pellet bells)

Playing time: 76'

Recording date: September 2015 (Oppmanna, Sweden); released: 2016

Much of this project is about reconstructing (both physically & playing technique) instruments that had long since faded from use or even contemporary knowledge. In this case, they do play some surviving written music from the medieval (i.e. Christian) period in Scandinavia, but there is no written music from the Viking period, so that part of the program is speculative.

The previous volume, archeological only, with no surviving music:

Dragon Voices
The Giant Celtic Horns of Ancient Europe
European Music Archeology Project, Vol. 1
John Kenny
Delphian 34183

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