Obrecht: Missa Ave Regina celorum

Ave Regina Celorum
Sacred music by Jacob Obrecht
Dufay Consort - Gary Cooper
Dervorguilla 102


  1. Frye: Ave regina celorum à 3
  2. Anon: Ave regina celorum à 4

  3. Obrecht: Missa Ave regina celorum à 4
  4. Kyrie I
  5. Christe
  6. Kyrie II
  7. Gloria
  8. Credo
  9. Sanctus
  10. Benedictus
  11. Agnus Dei I
  12. Agnus Dei II
  13. Agnus Dei III
  14. Anon: Ave regina celorum à 5

  15. Obrecht: Salve crux à 5
  16. Prima Pars
  17. Secunda Pars
  18. Tertia Pars

Performers: Robin Blaze, Fergus McLusky, Duncan Saunderson, Stephen Taylor (altos); Nicholas Smith, James Outram, Philip Cave, Allan Rostron (tenors); Jonathan Arnold, Mark Heather, Richard Lea, Robert McDonald (basses)

Playing time: 61'

Recording date: April 1992

This mass of Obrecht is based upon the famous motet of Walter Frye.

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