Walter Frye

Walter Frye
Hilliard Ensemble
ECM New Series 1476
ECM (Universal) 437 684


  1. Motet: Trinitas dies
  2. Missa Flos Regalis: Gloria
  3. Motet: Salve virgo
  4. Missa Flos Regalis: Credo
  5. Motet: O florens rosa
  6. Missa Flos Regalis: Sanctus
  7. Missa Flos Regalis: Agnus Dei
  8. Motet: Ave regina (Glogauer Liederbuch)
  9. Motet: Ave regina (Codex Specialnik)
  10. Antiphon: Sospitati dedit
  11. Chanson: Tout a par moi
  12. Song: So ys emprentid
  13. Song: Myn hertis lust
  14. Song: Alas, alas is my chief song

Performers: David James, Rogers Covey-Crump, John Potter, Gordon Jones

Playing time: 62'

Recording date: January 1992

Very little is known of Walter Frye (d.1474) except that he was presumably an English composer working on the Continent in the middle decades of the 15th century. A few of his compositions were quite famous, especially the motet Ave regina. The present Mass cycle is one of three by Frye, all surviving together in a Burgundian manuscript possibly copied as a wedding gift for an English royal bride.

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Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 16/6- (July/August 1993)

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