Mediaeval Baebes

Salva Nos
Mediaeval Baebes - Katharine Blake
EMI "Nettwerk" 30141


  1. Salve Virgo Virginum
  2. Now Springs the Spray
  3. Ah Si Mon Moine
  4. Adam Lay Ibounden
  5. Foweles in the Frith
  6. So Treiben Wir Den Winter Aus
  7. Coventry Carol
  8. Gaudete
  9. Adult Lullaby
  10. Veni Veni
  11. Salva Nos
  12. Verbum Caro
  13. Lo, Here My Heart
  14. Binnorie O Binnorie
  15. This Ay Nicht
  16. Miri it Is

Performers: Audrey Evans, Katharine Blake, Teresa Casella, Cylindra Sapphire, Marie Findley, Carmen Schneider, Rachel Van Asch, Claire Ravel, Ruth Galloway, Nicole Winterhart

This is basically a "rock music" group which generates some inquiries here. They use medieval lyrics, and attempt to evoke what the naïve listener believes to be a "medieval sound," but do not generally use medieval melodies or music. The group is a Spice Girls type of lineup, made up of musician-"girls" who are supposed to be sexually attractive. The director of the group, Katharine Blake, has her main work with the rock band "Miranda Sex Garden."

Although it would certainly be possible to perform medieval songs with rock guitars or other instruments in accompaniment, while beginning with the real melodies, that is often not the case here. Sometimes they do begin with medieval melodies as a basis, but as often as not, the music is simply made up to "sound" medieval, with little reference to the real thing.

Their other albums:

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Note that these albums are located in the "popular" sections of stores, and not under classical or early music.

Note also that I am not saying that there is anything "wrong" with what they do, only that it frequently has no tangible connection to medieval music.

Another ensemble taking a popular slant to performing medieval melodies:

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