The Rose

The Rose
Mediaeval Baebes
EMI "Nettwerk" 30256


  1. I am Eve
  2. Glass Window
  3. Slay Me Suddenly
  4. The Snake
  5. The Circle of the Lustful
  6. Laude Novella
  7. There is No Rose of Swych Vertu
  8. Lick the Maypole
  9. Razreesh
  10. Byrd One Brere
  11. Dringo Bell
  12. The Rose
  13. L'amour de moi
  14. The Woods and the Rivers are Silent
  15. Spiriti
  16. The Sour Grove
  17. Blow Northern Wind
    (silence - 10')
    "bonus track"

Performers: Katharine Blake (voice, violin, recorder, zither, autoharp, keyboard, harmonium, glockenspiel), Teresa Casella (voice, guitar, mandolin, bass guitar), Audrey Evans (voice, keyboard, percussion), Marie Findley (voice), Ruth Galloway (voice, recorder, guitar, zither, autoharp, chanter pipe), Claire Ravel (voice), Cylindra Sapphire (voice, keyboard, astrowheel), Carmen Schneider (voice), Rachel Van Asch (voice); Dorothy Carter (recorder, dulcimer, hurdy-gurdy, zither, autoharp), Trevor Sharpe (percussion), Nick Marsh (guitar, choir), Mike Servent (keyboard, piano, harmonium), Christian Hayes (electric guitar), Pike Galloway (ebow zither, choir), Boguslav Kostecki (violin), Bruce White (viola), David Daniels (cello), Gavin Wright (violin); Mike Bevan, Christian Hayes, David Ryder-Prangley, Matt Fisher (men's choir)

Playing time: 65'

Production date: 2002

Note that tracks #6 & #10 use medieval melodies, both citing Hoppin's anthology. Track #7 does not, despite that availability. Track #13 is marked as "traditional" and the remainder are listed as having been written explicitly by members of the band. As can readily be seen, choice of instruments is arbitrary, and probably meant to "seem" medieval to the uninitiated.

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