Recordings to accompany Hoppin's Medieval Music

This page is intended to provide both a different gloss on the medieval repertory and an opportunity for interested readers to obtain current recording references for Richard Hoppin's Medieval Music (1978) volume (ISBN: 0393090906) from the Norton Music History Series. This remains a popular text from which to learn the basic developments of medieval music, as it surveys the entire period and comes with detailed examples. It is, however, somewhat dated at this point.

In many cases, unfortunately, either no current recording is known for a specific individual citation, or the only recording is quite obscure. Beyond this, availability of recordings differs from country to country. Some explanatory notes will be offerred for choices, when possible. In cases where either no recording or only a more obscure recording is offerred, more citations are very welcome. This is particularly true for the plainchant citations (#1-23), where I have very limited coverage. In other cases, I have provided alternate suggestions which I believe to be as good in terms of representing the salient developments, but obviously the specific examples in Hoppin would need mental modification.

As always, the links for individual CD selections point to files containing full information, as well as frequently to suggestions for similar programs or recordings by the same performers. Since these links jump into the middle of other presentations, following the "page of FAQ citation" links at the bottom can be especially profitable for finding alternatives. For the present page, the link has been placed with the title only, and full catalog information is available in the individual file. This is done to preserve the flow of the chronology.

The list of specific pieces from Hoppin was provided by Peter Chubb. Valuable advice and recording research was provided by Pierre-F. Roberge. More clarifications were provided by Robert D. Reynolds.

Selections as numbered from the book...

  1. Hermannus Contractus, Alma Redemptoris Mater (Liber Usualis [LU], p273)

  2. Anon, Vota mea Domino reddam (Second Antiphon for Monday at Vespers, with Psalm 115 - LU, pp281 & 163)

  3. Christe Fili Dei (Responsory at Prime during the Year - LU, p229)

    Erue a framea (Responsory at Terce on Palm Sunday & Passion Sunday - LU, p239)

  4. Aeterne rerum conditor (Two tunes: I - Antiphonale Sacrosactae Romanae Ecclesiae, p6; II - Reese, Music in the Middle Ages, New York 1940, p105)

  5. Solemn Mass for Easter Day

  6. Introit - (LU, p777)
  7. Kyrie - (LU, p16)
  8. Gloria - (LU, p16)
  9. Collect - (LU, pp778 & 100)
  10. Epistle - (LU, pp778 & 104)
  11. Gradual - (LU, p778)
  12. Alleluia - (LU, p779)
  13. Sequence - (LU, p780)
  14. Gospel - (LU, p781 & 108)
  15. Credo - (LU, p64)
  16. Offertory - (LU, p781)
  17. Preface - (LU, pp8 & 109)
  18. Sanctus - (LU, p18)
  19. Pater Noster - (LU, pp6 & 110)
  20. Agnus Dei - (LU, p18)
  21. Communion - (LU, p781)
  22. Postcommunion - (LU, pp782 & 100)
  23. Ite, missa est - (LU, p19)
  24. Alleluia: Dicite in gentibus (Paleographie Musicale [PalM] X111, 173 fol. 87, LU p801)

  25. Kyrie Deus genitor (PalM XV, fol. 277; LU p62)

  26. Eia Syon (Trope of introit for Epiphany, Ecce Advenit - PalM XV, fol. 31v; LU p459)

  27. Alleluia: Suscipe laus angelorum (Alleluia & Sequentia with partial text - Paris, Bibl. Nat., lat. 1121, fol. 69v, & lat. 1136, fol. 95v.)

  28. Rex caeli (Sequence with double cursus - Handschin, "Über Estampie und Sequenz," Zeitschrift für Musikwisenschaft XII, 1929/30 pp19-20)

  29. Fleury: Lament of Rachel from "Slaughter of the Innocents" (Greenberg, The Play of Herod, New York 1965, pp94-6)

  30. Laude jocunda (Beginning of Sequence to St Peter & St Paul, Melismatic Organum, School of St Martial - Paris, Bibl. Nat., lat. 3719, fol. 53)

  31. Omnes curet homo (Versus in Discant Style, School of St Martial - ibid, fol. 79v)

  32. Huic Jacobo (Responsory for Matins in the Office of St James, with melismatic organum - Codex Calixtinus, fol. 188)

  33. Nostra Phalans (Versus in Discant style for the Feast of St James - ibid, fol. 185)

  34. Leonin (?): Alleluia: Nativitas (Notre Dame Organum with Substitute Clausulae - Florence, Bibl. Medicea Laurenxziana, plut. 29,1. PMMM 10 & 11, fols. 129. & 182)

  35. Ex Semine (Clausulae. Two tunes: from ibid, fol. 176v. & fol. 168)

  36. Perotin: Sederunt (Organum Quadruplum, Gradual for St Stephen's day - ibid, fol. 4)

  37. Procurans odium (Notre Dame Conductus - ibid, fol. 226)

  38. Soli nitorem (Notre Dame Conductus with Caudae - ibid, fol. 327v)

  39. Ex Semine Abrahe, Ex Semine Rosa, Se j'ai ame, Hyer mein trespensis
    (Motet texts added to Perotin's Clausula, Ex Semine)

    1. ibid, fol. 403v
      • (none listed)
    2. Montpellier, Faculté de Médecine, H 196 (Facsimile in Rokseth: Polyphonies du XIII siècle, Vol. 1) fol. 100v
    3. Wolfenbüttel, Herzog August-Bibl., 1099. facsimile in PMMM 2, fol. 247v
      • (none listed)
    4. ibid, fol. 233v
      • (none listed)

  40. Olim sudor Herculis (Monophonic Conductus in Sequence form with refrain - Florence, Bibl. Medicea Laurenxziana, plut. 29,1. facsimile in PMMM 10 & 11, fol. 417)

  41. Sic Mea Fata (Latin love song - Carmina Burana)

  42. Jaufre Rudel: Quan lo rius de la fontana (Troubador vers - Paris, Bibl. Nat. fr 22543, fol. 63v, facsimile in Beck, La musique des troubadours Pl VII, p65)

  43. Bernart de Ventadorn: Non es meravelha s'eu chan (Troubadour vers - Beck M op cit, p182)

  44. Marcabru: L'autrier jost' una sebissa (Troubador Pastorela - Paris, Bibl. Nat. fr 22543, fol. 5v)

  45. Bele Doette (Chanson de Toile - Le Chansonnier de Saint-Germain-des-Pres)

  46. Jehans Erars: Au tems pascor (Trouvere Pastourelle - Le Chansonnier de l'Arsenal)

  47. Gillebert de Berneville: De moi dolereus (Rotrouenge - Beck, op cit, p159v)

  48. Penser ne doit vilenie (Chanson with refrains - ibid, p161v)

  49. Neidhart von Reuenthal: Ine gesach die heide (Minnesinger song: Summer song - Denkmäler der Tonkunst in Österreich 71, Jg 37/1, Lieder von Neidhart, p7)

  50. Neidhart von Reuenthal: Owê, lieber sumer (Winter song - ibid, p17)

  51. Laude novella sia cantata (Italian lauda - Liuzzi: La Lauda e i primordi della melodia italiana, Rome 1935, Vol I, facing page 261)

  52. Sanat Maria Amar (Cantigas de Santa Maria, 7)

  53. Byrd one brere (English love song)

  54. Dame de valur / Hei Dieux! cant je remier / Amoris (Motet Ente - Turin, Bible. Relae, vari 42, facsimile in A, Auda: Les Motets wallons du manuscrit de Turin, Vari 42, Brussels 1953, Vol I, fol. 6v.)

  55. Aucun vont / Amor qui cor / Kyrie (Bilingual motet - ibid, fol. 13)

  56. C'est la jus / Pro Patribus (Motet with Rondeau text - Paris, Bibl. Nat. fr 12615, fol. 195)

  57. J'ai les maus d'amours / Que ferai / In Seculum (Rondeau-Motet Ente - Montpellier op cit, fol. 188v)

  58. Dansse Real (Beck, op cit, p177v)

  59. Trotto (London, Brit Mus. add., 29987, fol. 62v)

  60. Philippe de Vitry: Garrit Gallus / In Nova fert / Neuma (Isorhythmic motet - Paris, Bibl. Nat. Collection de Picardie 67, fol. 67; Fauv., fol. 44v - facsimile in Apel, Notation of Polyphonic Music, Cambridge)

  61. Se Je Chant (Chace - ibid, facsimile in Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart)

  62. Guillaume de Machaut: Qui es promess / Ha! Fortune / Et non est qui adjuvat (Isorhythmic motet - Paris, Bibl. Nat., fr 1584, fol. 421v)

  63. Guillaume de Machaut: Dous Amis (Ballade - Paris, Bibl. Nat., fr 1584, fol. 456v. - facsimile in Apel, op cit, p357).

  64. Guillaume de Machaut: Se vous n'estes (Rondeau - ibid, fol. 477v)

  65. Guillaume de Machaut: De bonté, de valour (Virelai - ibid, fol. 484v)

  66. Lorenzo da Firenze: Da, da a chi avareggia (Florence, Bibl. Med. Laur., Palatino 87, fol. 50v.)

  67. Niccolo da Perugia: Dappoi che'l sole (Caccia - ibid, fol. 82v)

  68. Francesco Landini: Questa fanciull' amor (Ballata - ibid, fol. 138)

  69. Medée fu (Ballade in Manneristic style - Chantilly, Musée Condé, 564, fol. 24v)

  70. Jacob Senleches: La Harpe de Mélodie (Virelai - ibid, fol. 43v)

  71. Johannes Ciconia: Con lagrime bagnando me (Ballata - Paris, Bibl. Nat., ital. 568, fols. 52v-53)

  72. Cooke: Stella Celi (Prayer to the Virgin Mary in English Descant - Old Hall Manuscript now in the British Library, MS57950, fol. 40v)

In conclusion, it must be noted that Hoppin's selections seem needlessly obscure. In most cases, there are much better-known pieces with the same technical features. For instance, these are some of the least recorded songs of Machaut, there are much more famous Italian examples, etc. As such, the number of available recordings is somewhat disappointing here, but hopefully the citations will prove useful nonetheless.

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