To Carl Michael with Love

To Carl Michael with Love
Martin Best Consort
EMI Sweden 7243 8339822 5 (CD)


  1. Elegy for Movitz, Epistle No. 30 (instrumental)
  2. Away we trot, Song No. 21
  3. Sisters, hear my music play, Epistle No. 10
  4. Pastoral, Epistle No. 80
  5. Up, Amaryllis, Song No. 31
  6. Now the sun shines in the sky, Epistle No. 48
  7. So, screw up the fiddle, Epistle No. 2
  8. Our Ulla lay one morning and slept, Epistle No. 36
  9. Ulla, my Ulla, Epistle No. 71
  10. Haga, Song No. 64
  11. Rest here, ourselves reposing, Epistle No. 82
  12. If six thousand dalers they gave me, Song No. 14
  13. Still'd is the hasty wave, from the cycle Bacchi Temple
  14. Portugal, Spain, Song No. 11
  15. If it isn't my old crony, Song No. 61
  16. Cradle song, For my son Carl
  17. Play, Father Berg, in tears, Epistle No. 12
  18. Never an Iris upon these pallid fields, Epistle No. 54
  19. Drain off thy glass, Epistle No. 30
  20. Ah, Death he is a fearsome bear, Song No. 19
  21. Am I born, then I'll be living, Song No. 16
  22. Glimmering nymph, Epistle No. 72
  23. Song at Nightfall, Song No. 32

Playing time: 69:25

Release date: 1995

This CD includes tracks from the LP of the same title, as well as from Bellman in Britain.

Not thought to have been remastered. The English songs from the original `To Carl Michael with Love' have been omitted, leaving a programme entirely of Bellman's work. Not known whether this CD is still available in Sweden (September 2002).

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Rob Smyth