Bellman in Britain

Bellman in Britain
Martin Best
EMI Records Sweden C 062-35515 (LP)


    Side One

  1. Epistle No. 10 - Sisters, hear my music play
  2. Epistle No. 82 - Rest here, ourselves reposing
  3. Epistle No. 48 - Now the sun shines in the sky
  4. Song No. 14 - If six thousand dalers they gave me
  5. Epistle No. 12 - Play, Father Berg, in tears
  6. Epistle No. 54 - Never an iris upon these pallid fields

    Side Two

  1. Song No. 61 - If it isn't my old crony
  2. Epistle No. 36 - Our Ulla lay one morning and slept
  3. Song No. 11 - Portugal, Spain
  4. Epistle No. 30 - Drain off thy glass! See death upon thee waiting
  5. Song No. 16 - Am I born? Then I'll be living
  6. Song No. 19 - Ah, Death he is a fearsome bear
  7. Epistle No. 72 - Glimmering nymph

Martin Best (six- and twelve-string guitar)
Kenneth Sillito, Marilyn Sansom, Daryl Runswick, Les Thatcher, Eric Hill, Paul Keogh, Jeremy Barlow, Reiner Shulein, Keith Rubach, Judith Thomas, Richard Morgan, David Mason, Anthony Halstead, David Corkill

Released 1978

Released only in Sweden? Tracks included in the CD compilation To Carl Michael with Love.

This second album of Bellman's songs and epistles was recorded in London in December 1977. All arrangements by Martin Best, translations by Paul Britten Austin. Another marvellous recording, though the finest of Martin's Bellman interpretations were still to come, in the solo recording he later made for Nimbus Records.

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