Lauten - Galanterie

Lauten - Galanterie
Anthony Bailes
EMI "Reflexe" 1C 065 45 645 [LP]


    Adamo Falckenhagen (1697-1761): Sonata c minor op.1 Nr.1 from Sei Sonate a Luito solo (Nürnberg 1740)
  1. Largo
  2. Allegro un poco
  3. Tempo giusto

  4. Ernst Gottlieb Baron (1696-1760): from Sonata B major
  5. Aria
  6. Tempo di Minuet

  7. Adamo Falckenhagen: Sonata F major op.1 Nr.5 from Sei Sonate a Luito solo (Nürnberg 1740)
  8. Largo
  9. Allegro
  10. Vivace

  11. Joachim Bernhard Hagen: Sonata in c minor (c. 1766)
  12. Andante
  13. Allegro
  14. Allegretto

Playing time: 44' 20"

Anthony Bailes (Lute)

Recording site and date:
Sion Ev. Kirche (Switzerland) [1978]

Label may vary (EMI-VSM (France), Odeon or Peters)

EMI Classics 7243 8 26515 2 [CDx6] EMI "Reflexe - Stationen Europäischer Musik" Vol. 8.

Reviewed in:
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Early Music America (Vol./#-p.):
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Information kindly provided by Peter Berg (CD from EMI compilation)

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