Scheidt: Ludi Musici

Samuel Scheidt: Ludi Musici (Prima Pars)
Paduana, galliarda, couranta, alemande, intrada, canzonetto ...
Hespèrion XX - Jordi Savall, dir.
His Master's Voice / Electrola (EMI) "Reflexe" 1C 065 30 943 Q [LP, quad.]
EMI "Reflexe" CDM 7 63067 2 [CD]


    Samuel Scheidt: Ludi Musici (Prima Pars)

  1. Intrada (XXII) a 5
  2. Paduan (V) a 4
  3. Galliard (XXIV) a 5
  4. Courant (XVII) a 4
  5. Paduan (VI) a 4
  6. Galliard Battaglia (XXI) a 5
  7. Alamande (XVI) a 4
  8. Canzon ad imitationem Bergamasca Anglica (XXVI) a 5

  9. ----
  10. Canzon super "O Nachbar Roland" (XXVIII) a 5
  11. Courant (XI) a 4
  12. Courant (XIII) a 4
  13. Canzon Cornetto (XVIII) a 4
  14. Paduan (III) a 4
  15. Galliard (XXV) a 5
  16. Courant (XVII) a 4
  17. Canzon super "Cantionem gallicam" (XXIX) a 5

Playing time: 57' 03"

Hespèrion XX:
Jordi Savall (treble viola da gamba), Christophe Coin (treble viola da gamba, alto viola da gamba), Sergi Casademunt(bass viola da gamba), Masako Hirao (bass viola da gamba), Ariane Maurette (tenor viola da gamba), Roberto Gini (bass viola da gamba), Pere Ross (violone), Bruce Dickey (cornett), Jean-Pierre Canihac (cornett), Jean-Pierre Mathieu (alto trombone, tenor trombone), Charles Toet (tenor trombone), Richard Lister (bass trombone), Jeanette von Wingerden (soprano recorder, alto recorder), Gabriel Garrido (soprano recorder), Lorenzo Alpert (soprano recorder), Hopkinson Smith (lute, guitar, theorbo), Colin Tilney (harpsichord, organ)
Jordi Savall, dir.

Recording site and date:
Kirche, Séon, Switzerland [02/1978];
Rel.: 1978 [LP], 1989 [CD]

EMI "Reflexe" 7243 8 26508 2 [CDx6] REFLEXE Vol. VII Stationen Europäischer Musik
Virgin "Veritas x2" 7243 5 62028 2 5 [CDx2] A Musical Banquet - Schein · Scheidt · Gabrieli.
Virgin "Classics" 7243 4 82025 2 9 [CDx5] Jordi Savall - Music in Europe 1550-1650 - Cabezón · Gabrieli · Guami · Schein · Scheidt · Songs and Dances from the time of Cervantes

Information from LP and CD (Virgin 7243 5 62028 2 5)

Pierre-F. Roberge

The numbering above is taken from the first edition of Ludi Musici (Hamburg, 1621).

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Scheidt was the first major German composer of consort music, although the English style he inherited through Sweelinck is clearly audible, mixed sometimes with Italian elements. He also worked directly with the English composer William Brade (1560-1630). A recording by the present ensemble:

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Another significant composer in the style of Scheidt was Johann Hermann Schein (1586-1630). A dedicated recording:

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Scheidt was also a major keyboard composer. A recording devoted to his organ music, leading to a listing of other keyboard recordings:

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