What then is love?

What then is love?
An Elizabethan Songbook
The Boston Camerata - Joel Cohen
Erato 23417 [CD]
Elatus (Warner) 2564-60332-2 [CD]


    I. Sing a song of Joy

  1. Campion: Sing a song of joy
  2. Edward Johnson (fl.1572-1601): Eliza is the fairest Queen
  3. Holborne: The Honeysuckle (instrumental)
  4. II. What then is love?

  5. Thomas Ford (c.1580-1648): What then is love sings Coridon
  6. Philip Rosseter (c.1567-1623): What then is love but mourning
  7. Daniel: What thing is love?
  8. III. Sorrow, come

  9. Dowland: Galliard "Shall I strive" (instrumental)
  10. Pilkington: I sigh, as sure to wear the fruit
  11. Dowland arr. William Wigthorp: Sorrow, come

    IV. Shall I sue?

  12. Holborne: Heigh-ho holiday (instrumental)
  13. Dowland: Shall I sue
  14. Campion: Breake now my heart and dye
  15. Campion: Woo her and win her
  16. V. Witty wanton

  17. Campion: The peaceful western wind
  18. Robert Jones (fl.1597-1615): Sweet Philomel
  19. Campion: I care not for these ladies
  20. Campion arr. Cohen: Courante "I care not for these Ladies" (instrumental)
  21. John Bartlet (fl.1606-10): A pretty duck there was
  22. Robert Johnson: Witty wanton (instrumental)
  23. VI. Faine would I wed

  24. Campion: Faine would I wed
  25. Thomas Vautor (c.1600-20): Mother, I will have a husband
  26. Campion: Now hath Flora robb'd her bow'rs
  27. VII. Sing we and chant i

  28. Campion arr. Rosseter: Move now with measured sond (instrumental)
  29. Pilkington: Rest, sweet nymphs
  30. Morley: Sing we and chant it

Performers: Anne Azéma (soprano), Noel Bisson (soprano), Karen Clark (mezzo-soprano), William Hite (tenor), Joel Frederisksen (bass, lute), Jesse Lepkoff (flute, recorder), Robert Mealy (violin), Card Lewis (treble & bass viol), Lynn Tetenbaum (tenor viol), Emily Walhout (bass viol), Olav Chris Henriksen (lute, guitar), Joel Cohen (lute, cittern)

Playing time: 64'

Recording date: May 1997 (Massachusetts)

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