In the Footsteps of Petrus Alamire

In the Footsteps of Petrus Alamire
Various artists
Etcetera 1519 [CDx5]


  1. Ockeghem - Laudantes Consort
  2. Josquin - Laudantes Consort
  3. most of La Rue: Missa cum iucunditate [2-8,10-12] & some of The Virgin & Christ-child [1,7,8] - Henry's Eight
  4. some of Lamentatio Jeremiæ [1] & Venus-ghejancksel [2,8,16] - Egidius Quartet; some of Vox Neerlandica 1 [7,8] - Nederlands Kamerkoor; most of Isaac / Obrecht / De La Rue [2-11,17,18] - Currende Consort
  5. some of La Rue: Missa de septem doloribus [3,4,8,10,11] & Missa Sub tuum praesidium from unknown CD3 of La Rue: Musical Portrait - Capilla Flamenca; some of Willaert in Italy [2,3,6,7,13] - Currende Consort

Release date: 2015

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Todd M. McComb