Love Songs in Shakespeare's Time

Love Songs in Shakespeare's Time
Medieval & Renaissance Music - "The Gold Collection"
Various artists
Fine Classics 4420-2


    John Dowland
  1. Away with these selfe loving lads
  2. Sweet stay awhile
  3. In this trembling shadow
  4. Come again, sweet love, for voice and lute
  5. Can she excuse my wrongs?

  6. John Dowland: Third Book of Songs
  7. Flow not so fast, ye fountains

  8. John Dowland
  9. Now o now I needs must part
  10. What if I never speed?

  11. John Dowland: No. 5 from The Third and Last Booke of Songes or Aires, 1603
  12. Me, me, and none but me

  13. John Dowland: No. 1 from The Second Booke of Songes or Ayres, 1600
  14. I saw my lady weepe

  15. John Dowland
  16. Weep you No more sad fountains

  17. John Dowland: No. 19 from The Second Booke of Songes or Ayres, 1600
  18. Shall I sue

  19. John Dowland
  20. Say Love if ever thou didst find

  21. John Dowland: No. 8 from A Pilgrimes Solace, 1612
  22. Tell me, true Love

  23. John Dowland
  24. When Phoebus first did Daphne love
  25. Flow, my tears
  26. Medley: Far from triumphing court/Lady if you so spite me/In darkness let me dwell
  27. Thinkst thou then by thy fayning
  28. Where Sin Sore Wounding
  29. If My Complaints Could Passions Move
  30. Fine knacks for ladies

[1]-[3], [7]-[9], [13]-[15], [18]-[21] The Saltire Singers [Patricia Clark (soprano), Jean Allister (contralto), Edgar Fleet (tenor), Frederick Westcott (bass)], Desmond Dupre (lute)
[4]-[6], [10]-[12], [16]-[17] Joseph Iadone (lute), Russell Oberlin (counter-tenor)

Playing time: 76' 04"

Recording place and date:
See excerpts, rel.: 2000

Excerpts (from original release):
[1]-[3], [7]-[9], [13]-[15], [18]-[21] Lyrichord LLST 7153 [LP] John Dowland - Music of Love and Friendship
[4]-[6], [10]-[12], [16]-[17] Expériences Anonymes EA-0034 [LP, mono] John Dowland - Lute Songs

Information from, Melvyl and Matteo Turri (owned CD).

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