John Dowland - Lute Songs

John Dowland - Lute Songs
Russell Oberlin, Joseph Iadone
Expériences Anonymes EA-0034 [LP, mono]
Expériences Anonymes EAS-0034 [LP, stereo]
Musical Heritage Society MHS 682S [LP]
Lyrichord Early Music Series LEMS 8011 [CD]
Sarx 2039 [CD]


    John Dowland:
  1. Come again! Sweet Love
  2. Thou mighty God - When David's life - When the poor cripple
  3. Can she excuse my wrongs
  4. Sempre Douland, sempre dolens (lute solo)
  5. Flow not so fast ye fountains
  6. I saw my lady weep
  7. Weep you no more sad fountains
  8. Shall I sue
  9. Flow my tears
  10. Lachrimae antiquae pavan (solo lute)
  11. Far from triumphing court - Lady if you so spite me - In darkness let me dwell

Playing time: 48' 13"

Russell Oberlin (countertenor), Joseph Iadone (lute)

Recording site and date:
[1959 or prior]

[1], [3], [5]-[9], [11] Fine Classics 4420-2 [CD] Love Songs in Shakespeare's Time - Medieval & Renaissance Music - "The Gold Collection"

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