Ludus Danielis

Ludus Danielis
Daniel and the Lions
New York's Ensemble for Early Music - Frederick Renz, dir.
Fonè 88 F 09-29
Fonè F 016 (SACD)


  1. Quarte estampie real
    Deuxieme dance
    La terche estampie real
    L'autrier m'iere levar
    La quinte estampie real
    Estampie "Daniel"

  2. Anon: Ludus Danielis
  3. Entry of Belshazzar's court
  4. Entry of Belshazzar's queen
  5. Entry of Daniel
  6. Exit of Belshazzar's queen and the court
  7. Interlude: Belshazzar's lament
  8. Entry of Darius' court
  9. Presentation of Daniel
  10. Daniel's accusers
  11. Daniel is thrown to the Lions
  12. Visitation of the angel
  13. Daniel's salvation and prophesy
  14. Te deum

Playing time: 70' 37"

New York's Ensemble for Early Music [Mark Bleeke (Daniel), Wilbur Pauley (King Belshazzar, Habakkuk), Patrick Mason (King Darius), Peter Becker (Queen, Angel), Johnson Flucker (astrologer), Douglas Shambo (lawyer), Daniel Johnson (courtier), David Negron (courtier), Frank Nemhauser (courtier), Kurt Richards (courtier), Douglas Stevens (courtier), Nicholas Oakes (page), Timothy Oakes (page), Sean O-Brien (page), David Regelin (page), Damian Stanley (page), Devin Ratray (page), Eliot van Buskirk (page), Grant Herreid (citole, lute, recorder, drum, cennamella), John Loose (carillon, psalterion, nakers), Tom Zajak (hornpipe, organetto, cennamella)] - Frederick Renz, dir.

Recording site and date:
Santa Sabina, Rome [11/1986]

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.): 351-150 (july/august 1989)
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 14/4-465 (march/april 1991)

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