The Play of Daniel (Ludus Danielis)

The Play of Daniel (Ludus Danielis)
New York's Ensemble for Early Music & Oklahoma Collegium Musicum - Frederick Renz
University of Oklahoma EMTV (no number) [VHS]


The Play of Daniel (Ludus Danielis)
Elaborately staged live performance of the play, following a scholarly commentary on the musical, linguistic, historical and cultural context, along with a synopsis of the plot, provided by Sean Daniel (Professor of Voice, University of Oklahoma), Eugene Enrico (Professor of Musicology, University of Oklahoma), Frederick Renz (ensemble director), Tom Zajac (performer), Susan H. Caldwell (Professor of Art History University of Oklahoma), David H. Miller (Professor of History, University of Oklahoma) & George Economou (Professor of English, University of Oklahoma).

Playing time: 59' 30"

New York's Ensemble for Early Music
Oklahoma Collegium Musicum
Skip Klingman (Daniel)
William Higgins (Belshazzar & Habbakkuk)
Robert Jones (Darius & Courtier)
David Settle (Belshazzar's Prince & Envious Counsellor)
Melissa Kamm (Belshazzar's Queen & Courtier)
Roxane LaCombe (Envious Counsellor & Queen's Attendant)
Jennie Olson (Angel & Queen's Attendant)
David Wilson-Burns (Wiseman & Adviser)
Paul Burns (Wiseman & Adviser)
Jennifer Oates (Courtier)
Rocky Massey (Courtier)
Tina Kambour (Court Dancer & Lion)
Cynthia Bond Perry (Court Dancer & Lion)
Tom Zajac (medieval winds), Terry Pollack (medieval fiddle), Sherry Cheng (psaltery, lion roarer), Melody Gibson (percussion), Jennifer Hall (recorders), Virginia Burdine (harps), William Carmichael (medieval trumpet)
Sean Daniel (stage director)
Tina Kambour (choreographer)
Frederick Renz (guest artistic director)
Eugene Enrico (music director, television producer)

Recording site and date:
Unknown, filmed before a live audience [1996];
Rel. 1996

Funded in part by Oklahoma Foundation for the Humanities, National Endowment for the Humanities & State Arts Council of Oklahoma. Information from owned VHS.

A previous recording of this material by New York's Ensemble for Early Music is Ludus Danielis - Daniel and the Lions.

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