Clemens non Papa: Missa Pastores quidnam vidistis

Clemens non Papa: Missa Pastores quidnam vidistis
Tallis Scholars - Peter Phillips
Gimell Records 1585-13 [LP]
Gimell Records 1585T-13 [Cassette]
Gimell Records CDGIM 013 [CD]
Gimell 454 913 [CD]


  1. Motet: Pastores quidnam vidistis (à 5)

  2. Missa Pastores quidnam vidistis (à 5)
  3. Kyrie
  4. Gloria
  5. Credo
  6. Sanctus & Benedictus
  7. Agnus Dei (à 6)
  8. Motet: Tribulationes civitatum (à 4)
  9. Motet attr. Crecquillon: Pater peccavi (à 8)
  10. Motet: Ego flos campi (à 7)

Performers: Deborah Roberts, Tessa Bonner, Sally Dunkley, Ruth Holton, Caroline Trevor, Robert Harre-Jones, Charles Daniels, Nicolas Robertson, Francis Steele, Donald Greig

Playing time: 54'

Release date: 1987

[1]-[6] Gimell CDGIM 202 [CDx2] Christmas with the Tallis Scholars
[2]-[9] Gimell GIMBX 301 [CDx4] Sacred Music in the Renaissance, Volume 1 – The Tallis Scholars finest Recordings, 1980-1989

Reviewed in:
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): (Dec. 1987)

Jacobus Clemens (c.1510-c.1556) was called "non Papa" in reference to the Pope of the same name, at least partly in jest, although it does hint at Clemens' musical stature. Unusually, he remained in his native Netherlands and basically represents the end of the conservative Franco-Flemish tradition, although it did have its various extensions, such as in some of the music of Lassus.

Clemens' extremely restrained settings continued to have a large influence on later North German musical composition.

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