Sarum Chant

Sarum Chant: Missa in gallicantu
Tallis Scholars - Peter Phillips
Gimell 017
Gimell 454 917


    Missa in gallicantu
  1. Introitus "Dominus dixit ad me"
  2. Kyrie "Deus Creator omnium"
  3. Gloria
  4. Laudes Deo
  5. Graduale "Tecum principium"
  6. Alleluia. V. Dominus dixit
  7. Sequentia "Nato canunt omnia"
  8. Credo
  9. Offertorium "Laetentur caeli"
  10. Praefatio
  11. Sanctus
  12. Agnus Dei
  13. Communio "In splendoribus sanctorum"
  14. Dimissio
  15. Hymn: Christe Redemptor omnium
  16. Hymn: Veni, Redemptor gentium
  17. Hymn: Salvator mundi, Domine
  18. Hymn: A solis ortus cardine

Playing time: 55'

Production date: 1988

Gimell CDGIM 202 [CDx2] Christmas with the Tallis Scholars

This program is entirely plainchant, of chants current in England when such composers as Tye & Tallis were active.

The music recorded here is from the First Mass of Christmas according to the Salisbury Rite. The chant has been taken from printed sources, the Missal of 1531 and the Graduals of 1528 and 1532. The hymns have been borrowed from the 1st volume of the Sarum Hymnary.

Additional description by Sergey Lebedev.

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