My Fayre Ladye

My Fayre Ladye
Images of Women in Medieval England
Nimbus 5512


    The Beloved
  1. Chant: Quam pulchra es
  2. Dunstable: Quam pulchra es
  3. Chant: Ibo michi ad montem mirre
  4. Anon: Who shall have my fayre ladye?
  5. Chant: Salve regina misericordie

  6. The Unfathomable
  7. Cornysh: Adew mes amours
  8. Cornysh: A robyn, gentyl robyn
  9. Anon: Iff I had wytt for to endyght

  10. The Maternal
  11. Pygott: Quid petis o fili

  12. The Desired
  13. Chant: Tota pulchra es
  14. Anon: Up Y Arose
  15. Anon: And I war a maydyn
  16. Cornysh: Blow thi horne hunter

  17. The Triumphant
  18. Chant: Anima mea liquefacta est
  19. Browne: O regina mundi clara
  20. Chant: Beata Dei genitrix

Performers: Kurt-Owen Richards, Jeffrey Johnson, Stephen Rosser, Lawrence Lipnik, Richard Porterfield, John Olund

Playing time: 60'

Recording date: June 1996

This recording combines different genres from 15th century England, especially that from the Eton Choirbook and the native Sarum plainchant.

This is one of those "ethereal" interpretations.

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