The Lamentations of the Prophet Jeremiah
Tallis Scholars
Gimell 454 996
Gimell CDGIM 996


  1. Alfonso Ferrabosco I: Lamentations I
  2. Tallis: Lamentations of Jeremiah I
  3. Tallis: Lamentations of Jeremiah II
  4. Brumel: Lamentations
  5. White: Lamentations a 5
  6. Palestrina: Lamentations for Holy Saturday a 6, Lesson 3

Playing time: 68'

Compilation date: 1998

Tracks 1 & 6 are original, while the others are reissues as linked.

Track #6 was reissued in Gimell 204 (2 CDs).

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Todd M. McComb